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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Avni Gupta contemplates the impact of traumatic or stressful situations in one’s life. Many of us face severe stress such as an injury, loss

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What a Slut!

What a Slut! Written by- Abhivyakti Gupta & Vagmi Sharma Who is a Sex Worker? “Unethical! Illegal! What a disgrace! This is socially unacceptable!! Shameless!”

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Benevolent Sexism

Benevolent Sexism Written by- Aadya Gupta and Nandini Shukl The Uglier Side of Sexism Sexism has two sides, the hostile and well recognized, which consists

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Modern Matchmaking

Modern Matchmaking Written by – Tanisha Saxena Tanisha Saxena thinks one thing that has been on everyone’s mind ever since Indian Matchmaking, a Netflix show

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Moral Policing in India

Moral Policing in India Written By – Eshna Sharma Moral policing is an umbrella term that refers to groups that take vigilante action and believe

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