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Hypersexuality as Self-Harm

Kat Blaque, a popular YouTuber based in California, has often centered her videos around her first-hand experience with something called “hypersexuality.” But what is exactly hypersexuality and how does its prevalence become even more important to study in today’s times?

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Aphrodisiacs 101

Aphrodisiacs refer to substances that are believed to increase sexual desire, sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior. Known by various names through history, aphrodisiacs have been a part of societal culture for centuries. Here’s a look into this historically infamous substance.

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Media Representation Of Pregnancy- Is It Realistic?

In today’s world, we are surrounded by all types of media, consisting of magazines, books, newspapers, movies, television shows, the internet and advertisements. With increasing influence and proliferation of the media, it has an important role in shaping both the biological and cultural expectations of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

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Age and Pregnancy- Is There a “Right” Time to Conceive? 

Age is in fact the single biggest factor that determines when a vulva owner can conceive such that the risks of pregnancy are minimized, and the birth of a healthy baby is ensured. A common misconception is that only the age of the vulva owner matters, while in reality, age affects the ability to conceive and have a healthy baby for both penis owners and vulva owners.

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Sexual Autonomy of Married Women in India

Sexual autonomy is an important indicator of women’s empowerment and liberation in society. In fact, the sexual autonomy of everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be a basic human right. Everyone should have the liberty to express their desires in a consensual manner, and choose when, how and whom to practice sexual relations with.

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A Guide to ejaculatory disorders

This article talks about the various types of ejaculatory disorders encountered by penis owners, their potential psychological and physical causes and possible solutions. It also advocates immediate medical care and talks about preventing social stigmatisation of these issues.

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The Human Prostate: What, Why, Where And More!

The prostate gland is an integral part of the reproductive system for penis owners. This tiny organ not only contributes to the semen made by the body but also helps the smooth functioning of other organs around it. Interestingly, it is also the answer to the age-old amusing question of what keeps people from peeing and ejaculating simultaneously!

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