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Pratisandhi turns 5!

Pratisandhi Foundation has reached a significant milestone by completing half a decade of operation. Let us reflect on the journey so far!

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A Day On-ground: An Insight Into The SACRED Project

Pratisandhi launched The S.A.C.R.E.D Project – which stands for “Sexual Abuse of Children: Redressal, Elimination and Deterrence” that works with broadly three stakeholders in cases of Child Sexual Abuse and its prevention: children themselves, parents/caregivers, and teachers.

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Sex in the Media

A child’s perception of sex is tarnished by media exposure, which also fosters the notion that it is evil and filthy. Young adults base their concept of sex in a world that is far from reality because of the comfortable taboo that surrounds sex in our society. Many factors make the connection between sex and the media quite problematic. However, media has also been the only source of information for people whose households rule sex out as filthy and uncultured. Media, therefore, plays a very important role in influencing how sex is portrayed in society and in people’s eyes

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Is Age Really Just a Number?

There has always existed a glaring disparity between how Bollywood treats its male and female actors. The dual role of ageism and sexism in the film industry is becoming increasingly apparent with the female leads having a much shorter, so-called “shelf life” as compared to their male counterparts. Since when did beauty become synonymous with youth? Let’s decode how the two intersect to create a casting bias and exclusionary mindset toward women in cinema. Click here to learn more.

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BDSM things: Bad Depiction of So Many things

India has a long and mysterious history when it comes to sexuality. India’s diverse sexual landscape is front and center in its arts and literature. Read this blog to know how this media representation is helping to create awareness about kink in culture and fetishism as well as breaking down some of the traditional taboos associated with these topics.

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