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Ambubachi Mela- the Menstruating Devi of Assam

The Ambubachi festival is an annual festival celebrating the menstruation of the Devi at the Kamakhya Temple, in Assam. Kamakhya embodies the mother cult, Shakti, and this unique festival celebrates fertility and India’s close cultural, agricultural and social ties with the Devi.

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Bloating and PCOS

Struggling with bloating? This can be a symptom of your PCOS. Learn why PCOS-induced bloating happens and what you can do to improve the situation.

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PCOS And Pregnancy, What Exactly Is The Contingency?

Is it possible for a person suffering from PCOS to get pregnant? Can a person with PCOS actually have a healthy, fulfilling full term pregnancy? Just how difficult is it exactly for a person to tackle PCOS, let alone PCOS and pregnancy together? What all things should a pregnant PCOS person keep in mind? Read through to find out!

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