De-Stigmatizing Sexual Health From The Grassroots!

Annual Menstrual Awareness Drive

Annually, Pratisandhi Foundation leads a menstrual awareness drive to raise awareness and remove barriers in access to menstrual hygiene products. 

Some of our beneficiary partners include orphanages, semi-urban communities, and homeless shelters.

Over the Past 3 Years, We Have Donated Approximately

Sanitary Products

Our Process





Awareness Session


Other Featured Events and Campaign Highlights

Contraception and Family Planning

One of our featured campaigns included leading an awareness drive in partnership with over 20 shelters across Delhi NCR to raise awareness about the importance of family planning and contraceptive options available to couples. In addition, it featured an active push for safe sexual practices and mutual responsibility between partners reaching 700+ individuals!

Let's Talk: Ambassador Program

Let’s Talk is a program that allows students to build projects and start conversations about sexual health under the mentorship and guidance of Pratisandhi. Each ambassador takes onus and uses their strengths to raise awareness about a theme under the SRHR spectrum around their immediate communities for a period of four months!

Online Campaigns

Online campaigns at Pratisandhi range from sparking conversations about male sexuality to the risks of unsafe consumption of adult content! You can partner with us to build online educational content for your audiences on a range of different themes and topics!