Enabling Youth To Make Informed Decisions without fear

Our Story

While on an exchange program at the age of 17, Niyati Sharma (founder) recognized the absence of sex education in public spaces for Indian teenagers and young adults. With support from her parents, a few friends, and a passion to resist stigma, she set up an online platform where young Indians could talk unabashedly about their sexual well-being leaving behind the fear of “log kya kahenge?”


This safe little digital space set up in March 2017 became the beginning of a flourishing non-profit organisation fully driven for and by the youth. A space where moral policing has no room in the face of holistic education.

Today, Pratisandhi is 100+ members strong with the support of national and international partners and continues to make a real impact and experience real growth every day.

What's in a Name?

We are often asked, “Why Pratisandhi?”

Sexuality education can often seem like a concept distant from Indian traditions and values. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Pratisandhi is an ode to the rich history of Indian culture and the place that positive sexuality holds with it. 

“Pratisandhi” (sanskrit) represents the transition between two periods – childhood and adulthood. It also represents resistance or disconnection from stigma, taboo and all the things that hold us back from embracing our sexual identities. Pratisandhi represents a turbulent time of rebellion, change, and growth.

Core Values

Youth Leadership

As an organisation dealing with the youth, we believe that it’s the young voices that create an echo which continues to ripple in the future.


We prioritise the importance of learning and unlearning together. We are committed to building the best possible programs to fit the needs of our communities.



Growing together is one of our core mottos. We believe in creating opportunities and spaces that encourage a growth-mindset and a positive outlook for our volunteers.


Making education accessible and judgement-free is one of our fundamentals. We work towards identifying and removing barriers that prevent easy access to sexual health and wellness.

Forces Behind Pratisandhi (Core Team)

Niyati Sharma
Founder and Executive Director

Akul Hallan
Administrative Manager

Avni Gupta
Communications Manager

Priyanshi Chawla
People and Culture Manager

Avni Sood
Head of Peer Education and Awareness

Kavya Bansal
Social Media Head

Baishali Mukherjee

Debapriya Ray

Sohan Misra
Operations and Public Relations Associate

Devanshi Jalundhwala
Associate Head of Peer Education

Anisha Hallan
Associate Head of Peer Education

Navya Sinha
People and Culture Associate

Social Media Associate

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