Bridging Gaps Program for Educational Institutions

Introduce a positive sexuality education program to your school with the flexibility of tailoring the curriculum to meet your needs!

The Bridging Gaps Program is based on the UN Technical Guidelines for Sexuality Education aiming to help students:

  • Develop a healthy and positive relationship with their sexuality.
  • Provide accessible resources that are rights-based, gender-focused and inclusive.
  • Inform them of the choices that might be at their disposal, making them the agents of their own sexual-emotional health and well being.
  • Provide knowledge pertaining to maintaining social and sexual relationships that are respectful, sensitive to one another’s dignity and autonomy, and are devoid of coercion, violence or discrimination.

Bridging Gaps combines the challenges of sexual and reproductive healthcare among adolescents with the benefits of peer-mentorship.

Your students deserve the best, let’s join hands to bridge the gap!

Key Thematic Areas

  • Violence and Staying Safe
  • Human Body and Development
  • Sexuality and Safe Sexual Behavior
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Relationships
  • Understanding Gender
  • Skills for Health and Well-Being
  • Values, Rights, Culture, and Sexuality
  • Violence and Staying Safe
  • Human Body and Development
  • Sexuality and Safe Sexual Behavior
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

Measurable impact that goes beyond the surface level!

Measurable impact is a key focus for all educational interventions- we believe in going the extra mile.

Insights from our past cohorts of Bridging Gaps

0 %
confidence increase in knowledge of sexual health
0 %
improvement in understanding sexual harassment and its legalities
0 %
improvement in sentisation towards gender and sexual minorities


Our primary peer facilitators with experience training over 500 students and leading 100+ workshops will be leading the sessions with volunteer support.

The minimum number of participants is 30.

The program schedule will be developed in cohesion with the school authorities and the current academic calendar depending on the number of sessions.

Depending on the school’s preference and the ongoing pandemic, the program will be offered primarily online as well as offline where possible

  • Allows the mentee to relate to the facilitator and ask questions honestly without fear of judgement.
  • Develops and reinforces self-confidence and willingness to learn by providing a safe space and reliable source of advice.
  • Develops ability to accept constructive criticism and openness to new ideas and challenging beliefs.
  • Bridges intergenerational gaps in social situations and facilitates understanding.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues.
  • Offers effective, accessible, and trained role models for growth opportunities.
  • Ensures effective communication and direction through greater self knowledge and experience

We encourage schools to get as involved as they would like! We have a fully transparent, non-nonsense communication policy which means that we will work with you to create the program of your dreams with wrap-around service. From arranging schedules, hosting sessions, and following up with students, we have it all covered leaving you time and space to primary academic activities!

Depending of the availability of institution authorities, it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to complete the onboarding process before commencing the process.
This includes deciding program themes, dates and timings, and broad objectives for impact and learning.