Are you looking for someone who can conduct a safe and reliable sex ed workshop with your institution? Look no further!

Our team has successfully conducted 100+ workshop sessions with 15,000+ women and students from diverse backgrounds and communities!

We have experience working with nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, and communities!


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Workshop Highlights


Built on the principle of peer-mentorship our workshops are conducted by trained volunteers truly embodying our guiding value “for the youth, by the youth”


Our workshops are structured around Global Guidelines for sexuality education and are adapted to meet the needs of the Indian context.

Interactive and Engaging

With workshops built to meet both online and offline needs, we curate sessions that will engage the audience and encourage them to actively reflect!


You know your needs best!
We actively work with you
to create a session that best suits your needs!

Workshop Thematic Areas

Safe and Unsafe Touch

Puberty and Growing Up

Menstrual Hygiene and Awareness

Sexual Abuse and Harassment

Consent and Communication

Building Healthy Boundaries and Relationships

Contraception and STIs

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