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The “Why” of Consent in relationships

This article explores sexual consent’s importance in fostering healthy relationships. It debunks myths and emphasizes communication, enthusiastic agreement, and mutual respect. Misconceptions can lead to poor communication, diminished intimacy and various other factors. Addressing consent violations requires immediate action, apologies, education, and seeking professional help, ensuring relationships thrive on trust and empathy.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Abortion in India

Even with rising global awareness post-Roe v. Wade, abortion in India is still a topic that finds little place in public discourse. India is a distinct cultural and political space that provides a unique social perspective on issues of bodily autonomy. With this context in mind, fostering widespread public awareness of the legal structure, procedure of abortion, medical impact, and alternatives becomes imperative to ensure safe, reliable, and easily accessible abortion services for all.

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 Roe V Wade: The Right to Bodily Decisions

When the basic right to even exercise autonomy on one’s body is taken away, that’s when you know that it’s a war on women. The situation worsened with the overturning of the Roe V Wade case that primarily gave the women in the US, abortion rights. This decision of overturning the landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of the US took back the search for women’s rights on an equality level almost 50 years back. The Supreme Court is supposed to expand on the rights that are listed for people and not take away necessities. The Roe case held in itself an entire class of rights that people should have.

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Exploring the Future of Male Birth Control

Exploring the male contraception’s evolving landscape, the article outlines hormonal advancements, including injections and pills, and non-hormonal options like RISUG, IVD, and a sperm-reducing vaccine. It emphasizes efficacy, reversibility, and convenience. The article underscores ongoing research’s potential to reshape family planning by offering diverse and innovative male birth control choices.

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Mis-Contraception: Reducing trends in the Use of Condoms

Are you sexually active? Do you know there has been a reduction in the use of protection by college students?
In this wild world of college, where textbooks collide with late-night adventures, young minds love to explore themselves. No, no, don’t run away; I promise this is not some typical lecture.
So grab your highlighters, open your mind, and dive into the world of protection and pleasure!

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Queer Contraceptive Care: Are You Covered in the Spectrum?

Discovering tailored contraceptive solutions is pivotal for queer individuals’ reproductive well-being. From barrier methods to hormone therapies, this article explores the diverse array of options. Learn how inclusive health care can provide effective and affirming contraception, promoting sexual health across all gender identities and orientations.

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Balancing Taboos & Awareness through China’s Guangzhou Sex Festival

A decade or two earlier, sex education was considered taboo. How did people then know about it? Sadly, many didn’t. Some did when they did the act, and a few through books and video formats. This lack of knowledge was extended to such an extent that China, a country known for being secretive in terms of political and societal matters, started hosting an event that promotes sex.

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