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Masturbation for Women: Is self-pleasure selfish?

he much tabooed topic of masturbation, especially among women, have to be perceived in the broader context of cultural constraints and lack of adequate information. This article explores why one should prioritize self-pleasure, do’s and don’ts of masturbation and the way forward to have a healthy approach towards it.

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Vaginal Discharge 101 – What’s Normal and What’s Not?

If you’re a pre-teen who is wondering if that sticky whitish fluid on your pants is normal, it most definitely is. And, if you’re someone who is wondering if your vagina is supposed to smell like wine and roses, unfortunately, as much as we’d like that to happen, that is not really the case. Read on to bust some myths about the hush hush discharge!

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The Husband’s Stitch And It’s Reality

The husband stitch is a medical practice that is talked about quite less. No one knows how many women are affected, but their stories provide testament that they are real. Here’s a look into the horrific sexist surgical procedure.

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All You Need To Know About Non-Menstrual Vaginal Bleeding

Expulsion of blood from the vagina is known as vaginal bleeding.This bleeding may originate from the uterus, vaginal wall, or cervix. Generally, it is either part of a normal menstrual cycle or is caused by hormonal or other problems of the reproductive system. Bleeding during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy is considered normal , but it’s advised to keep a check on your routines and cycles. Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be due to certain medical conditions, usage of external devices or certain physical trauma and abuse.

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