Let’s Learn About Penile Injury!

Any form of affliction or damage that causes pain or dysfunction to the penis can be categorized as penile injury. Since the penis has sensitive skin and soft tissues, it is not uncommon for it to swell, inflame and hurt due to an injury to the scrotum and foreskin. Penetrating and blunt traumas combined make up approximately 90% of all civilian penile injuries with burns and other accidents make up the remaining 10%. Penile injuries can be due to several factors. Most occur in industrial, automobile accidents, or as a result of attempts at self-mutilation.

Penile injuries can be both external and internal. External penile injury involves scratches, bites, knocks or burns while internal injury can be caused by objects inserted into the urethra, or by a tight and blood-restricting object placed around the penis. Other times, painful swelling can be caused due to an allergic reaction in response to using creams or other products. Sexual intercourse can also cause injuries to the penis. For example, during an erection, the penis is engorged with blood and if it is bent suddenly or forcefully in this state, the force can rupture an internal part of the penis, causing a penile fracture. This might happen when the penis slips out of the vagina and is accidentally thrust against the pelvis during sexual intercourse., and penl

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Different Types of Penile Injuries:-

1) Penile Fracture: It is the rupturing of the penis due to trauma or abrupt lateral bending of the penis in an erect state. Forceful sexual intercourse is the most common cause of penile fractures; masturbation is also a reported cause. It could also occur during a nocturnal erection and due to a partial rollover. Penile fracture is characterized by a loud popping sound at the time of the injury. Other symptoms include severe pain, loss of erection, and swelling. 

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2) Peyronie’s Disease: In Peyronie’s disease, a hard non-cancerous lump develops on the penis which can cause swelling, pain and irritation, and eventually turn into a hard scar causing curved and painful erections. Peyronie’s disease is caused by repeated penile injury, typically during sex or physical activity.

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3) Amputation: Amputation of the penis can be either partial or complete. It is often self-inflicted by people with psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and Klingsor syndrome. It may also occur due to other trauma, such as in an assault or a mechanical accident. 

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4) Penetration: Penetrating injuries can be caused by accidents during sexual activities (typically, by foreign objects inserted into the urethra), by weapons (i.e. bullets) during wartime, or by stabbing. These injuries occur due to psychiatric illness, sexual curiosity or sexual practice while intoxicated.

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5) Entrapment: One of the most common penile injuries is an entrapment injury involving the penis caught in a zipper. These injuries are particularly common in young children who are uncircumcised. 

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6) Degloving: A degloving penile injury is a traumatic injury that results when the top layers of skin and tissue are torn away from the underlying muscle. This constitutes a serious medical injury.

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If you have penis swelling or pain, you can take the following steps:

1) Avoid attempting to remove any foreign bodies since doing so could result in major bleeding or further harm.

2)    Do not wrap anything around the penis or scrotum, including bandages or a sticky tape.

3) Any wounds should not be treated with creams, lotions, or homemade cures.

4) A clean, dry dressing or cotton handkerchief can be used to cover any cuts or grazes for the time being.

5) When visiting a doctor or hospital, try to keep the place as safe as you can to avoid further damage or injury.

6) Till the discomfort subsides, refrain from masturbating and sexual activity.

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Consult a medical practitioner as soon as you can if you think you may have suffered a penis injury. You could seek assistance from a health visitor, a doctor’s clinic or a hospital emergency room.


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