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Semen Retention – A Candid Q&A

Unlocking the intrigue behind semen retention, this Q&A blog delves into your queries. From the myths to the potential benefits, we’re demystifying this practice. Join us in exploring the ins and outs of semen retention, providing insights for a well-informed perspective on this fascinating aspect of sexual health.

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Do you know how to do it right? Masturbation for Penis Owners.

Unveiling the mysteries of male masturbation, this blog answers your burning questions. From the health benefits to navigating intimacy, we’re diving into candid discussions about self-pleasure for penis owners. Let’s break down the barriers and explore the world of male masturbation, fostering a healthy understanding of our bodies.

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Sex Education in Indian Classrooms

Sex education in Indian classrooms faces challenges due to taboos and objections. The Adolescent FLE program needs updating with inclusive topics. Recommendations include teacher training, parental engagement, community involvement, and ongoing assessment for informed sexual health choices among Indian youth.

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Redefining Beauty: The Crucial Role of Parents

In a world where body image struggles are pervasive, parents hold a significant role in shaping their children’s self-perception. Join us on a journey into the realm of body positivity, exploring the profound influence parents have on fostering self-acceptance, resilience, and a healthy relationship with one’s own body.

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Infant Mortality in India

Infant Protection Day on November 7th focuses on raising awareness about child safety. Despite India’s high neonatal death rate, recent data shows a decline in infant mortality due to improved healthcare infrastructure. Factors like poverty, malnutrition, and lack of healthcare facilities contribute to high rates. Sex education plays a vital role, in promoting maternal and child health, reducing gender discrimination, improving healthcare access, and lowering fertility rates to combat infant mortality.

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Re-imaging Disabled Desires: The Case of Isaac from Sex Education

The words disability and desire are hardly ever used in the same sentence. Convention relegates disability to the likelihood of asexuality which has been created and furthered by the epitomisation of able-bodied standards of beauty in popular media and culture. Issac Godwins’s portrayal on the British show Sex Education thus, appears almost revolutionary for its nuance. The character, in its essence, pushes us to re-conceptualize our understanding of disabled desire.

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