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The Husband’s Stitch And It’s Reality

The husband stitch is a medical practice that is talked about quite less. No one knows how many women are affected, but their stories provide testament that they are real. Here’s a look into the horrific sexist surgical procedure.

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All You Need To Know About Non-Menstrual Vaginal Bleeding

Expulsion of blood from the vagina is known as vaginal bleeding.This bleeding may originate from the uterus, vaginal wall, or cervix. Generally, it is either part of a normal menstrual cycle or is caused by hormonal or other problems of the reproductive system. Bleeding during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy is considered normal , but it’s advised to keep a check on your routines and cycles. Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be due to certain medical conditions, usage of external devices or certain physical trauma and abuse.

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Rainbow in the Cloud

The article centers around how social media as a platform for the proverbial coming out of the queer community is gaining more and more traction by the day. Not only does it provide a voice to the often marginalized but also offers a host of other uses.

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Dissecting the Stigma: Cervical Cancer and its Types

To this day, we shy away from conversations regarding cancers in reproductive parts like the cervix, because of its associated links with sexual activities. Now, with cervical cancer being a leading cause of death amongst females in India, how long can the conversation be delayed?

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Financial Abuse: the Invisible Companion of Domestic Violence

This article is intended as a primer on what constitutes marital financial abuse. If either you, a friend or a relative of yours is going through such an unpleasant situation, you should learn to recognize the signs and reach out to persons who may be caught in this situation and offer your help.

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