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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Avni Gupta contemplates the impact of traumatic or stressful situations in one’s life. Many of us face severe stress such as an injury, loss of close ones, violence, accidents, natural disasters, or assault experiences. These events often leave the individual with a pathological anxiety disorder, termed as “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”, shortened to PTSD. Take, for […]

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What a Slut!

What a Slut! Written by- Abhivyakti Gupta & Vagmi Sharma Who is a Sex Worker? “Unethical! Illegal! What a disgrace! This is socially unacceptable!! Shameless!” These are often the words that come to one’s mind when they hear the word ‘sex worker’. According to WHO, sex work is defined as the provision of sexual services for money or

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Benevolent Sexism

Benevolent Sexism Written by- Aadya Gupta and Nandini Shukl The Uglier Side of Sexism Sexism has two sides, the hostile and well recognized, which consists of denying women access to areas deemed ‘important’, and the other (falsely) benevolent, which involves praising their skills in traditionally feminine and undervalued tasks. These two sides combine to form ambivalent

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Modern Matchmaking

Modern Matchmaking Written by – Tanisha Saxena Tanisha Saxena thinks one thing that has been on everyone’s mind ever since Indian Matchmaking, a Netflix show based on the arranged marriage scenario in India, has released is whether it is an accurate portrayal of the industry. It has also received severe criticism for perpetration of misogynistic and regressive mindsets.

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ETHICAL PORN: AN ALTERNATIVE TO ALTERED REALITIES By – Saumya Khatri Pornography is bad, its a taboo, but the consumption charts tells a different story altogether. Our consumption pattern tells that we as a society, clandestine and thriving on high-morals resort to unethical violent depiction of sexual intercourse often than we can imagine. The problematic


Revenge Porn

Revenge Porn By – Eshna Sharma In a patriarchal culture that greedily consumes explicit media and yet shames women for their sexuality, it is no surprise that practices like ‘revenge porn’ thrive. Revenge porn primarily refers to the practice of sharing sexually explicit images and/or videos of the individual without the consent of those in

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