A Mangifera Love

“Come back soon, honey! I miss you already.” Vanessa sighed. She is 23 years old and is 4 months pregnant. Vanessa married her then-boyfriend; Richard, 6 months ago; who left for the Bahamas today. Vanessa sat in the foyer balcony with a book thinking about her time with Richard; realizing how blessed she is to have such a beautiful husband and how divinely he makes love to her. 

Her thoughts drove her back to the previous night where the desire was so intense. And reliving the scene in her mind made her so wet. “I should make some Mango Shake for you, baby!” smiling to herself, Vanessa went to the kitchen. 

“The night was long. Richard came home, stripped out of his clothes, and rushed towards his wife. He kissed her so passionately that the sloppy kisses made her wife squirm. They both were ready to take things to the next level till Richard did something he had never done before. He tried the Coital Alignment Technique. Yes, many define this position as the “Ultimate KAMA SUTRA Position”. He positioned himself just above Vanessa such that his penis lies 45o over her engorged clitoris and moved up and down rather than in and out. Vanessa cried with sensations of ecstasy; riding high on Oxytocin. She had this feeling, she never did before. She felt, even more, closer to her husband; both emotionally as well as physically.” 

And with this, the lid of the blender burst open and Vanessa was completely drenched with the mango pulp. “SHIT!” Her nipples were rock hard by then. She even felt hotter and all she could think about was the night before. Long, slender, freshly plucked mangoes were kept on the opposite counter. Imagination ran through her veins. She removed her Sheer Top and Shorts; climbed upon the countertop and took a mango. 

She rhythmically circled her clit with the King of Fruit while reminiscing about her previous night and slowly penetrated the dominant end into her vaginal opening. Moans of pleasure liberated along with the breast milk leaking from her tits. She slowly increased the pace till the point of no return. Even though she missed her husband, this elation is no less. She rode the mango till her vaginal muscles completely swallowed the fruit. Vanessa reached such heights of orgasm that she squirted out all of her pussy juice. 

Finally, she fingered herself while slowly eating the same mango, the fruit pulp sticking to her lips. It felt treacherous and still exciting at the same time. It was messy but worth the shot. It was sweet yet musky all at once. 2 nights; 2 experiences; 2 different feelings; 2 best sexcapades of her life!

Written by: Upasna Mohapatra

Illustration by: Abhilasha Muttoo


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