A Reminiscent of Desire

Warm weather, nearing sunset, is the best time to prepare dinner. Home grown produce comes in handy when you don’t want to do a grocery run because it is better to roam around in one’s underwear and a raggedy old T-shirt that still smells of past flings. Wind from the open back window wafts in the fragrance of ripe tomatoes as it dances with the dim rays of the setting sun to stir up a fire that was never out. A need for a dose of serotonin took over, a need for release of all those wound-up nerves to feel the calmness produced by her body’s juices. She took the tomatoes, ripe and round like a virgin’s breasts. She tore off whatever amount of layer there was, first the top and slowly the bottom. But it must not be all bland, something has to spice it up. To take the heat to another level of ecstasy. There must be another flavour as well to make the pleasure last long. A sudden light vibration hit the kitchen countertop and every fibre of existence in contact with the momentum of it started to release juice until it boiled over to perfection. That was just round one.

Even after everything cooled down, the hunger for pleasure did not. She went a little far deep this time. She took one hand and pulled it all the way down to the source of all juiciness. Using her fingers to navigate herself all the way to the little bulb that held in itself the secret to completion that she was looking for. As she worked her hands more, it produced more and more of excitement that she was looking for. Oh, how long has she waited for this moment of pure bliss. Just a little more to get every drop out. To feel what hasn’t been felt for long. She pushed so hard that liquid squirted out, leaving her content and awash with sudden pleasure of completeness. She licked her hand clean. 

Now that the marinara sauce was ready, she could have her dinner. It reminded her of the past when she used to cook for herself. The food-gasm that she felt from the sauce was the perfect way to fill her body and mind with serotonin. All thanks to fresh, plump, and juicy tomatoes.

Written by: Noor Chhikara

Illustration by: Abhilasha Muttoo


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