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Your Personal Guide to Pelvic Issues

Alas! Even in the twenty-first century, we have grown accustomed to ignoring the need to raise awareness about healthy sexual life and all other concerning questions that follow. But it is this article on the causes of pelvic pain and dyspareunia that will rescue you from all of your lingering concerns about your pelvic health or related issues during or after sexual intercourse.

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Tensed Pelvic Floor? We’ve got you covered. 

Are you experiencing difficulty in having sex, painful urination, pelvic pain or bladder control issues? Are these daily activities or body functions proving to be distressing and troublesome for you? You might be suffering from a hypertonic pelvic floor. Here’s how this condition may be impeding your quality of life, especially during sex or with pregnancy. Click to find out more details about this disorder that is often overlooked and dismissed by the predominant majority.

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Chhatriwali: Review

The new Bollywood movie starring Rakul Preet Singh feels like a lingering government ad aimed at supporting safe sex by encouraging condom use.

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Double XL: Bollywood’s Flimsy Attempt That Does No Good

Body Dysmorphia or Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. In today’s world, where Kardashian body types, judgemental aunty’s snarky comments on our bodies and brands having only S size clothing have been normalized, in this article we unwind various aspects of body dysmorphia in line with Bollywood’s new take on it.

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Exploring Sexuality and Love through Rituparno Ghosh’s Queer Films

While cis-gendered, heterosexual representation has been omnipresent and in fact overrepresented, queer representation has continuously been invisiblized and erased from dominant discourses surrounding love, sex and relationships in cinemas. Rituparno Ghosh’s queer movies are a step towards a more inclusive representation, especially in Bengali cinema.

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Khajuraho Temples- An expression of sexual desires

The Khajuraho temples are situated close to Shiv Sagar Lake in a tiny medieval settlement encircled by Vindhya Range hills. The 10th century marks the beginning of the Khajuraho Temples’ history. In a society where discussing sex, pleasure, sexuality, and intimacy are frowned upon, right in the middle of that nation sits Khajuraho, the pinnacle of sensuality and desire, where love and intimacy are carved into stone and where architecture takes on the role of the universal language of feelings.

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Pacifying Sexual Origins

It has not been very long since we have been born out of a vagina. If you are living and reading this article, a hypothetical extremity of 100 years would be correct. Right? Mother earth has been here for 4.6 billion years and still, she is revolving around her solar origin since times immemorial. So, if not every day, let us all take some time to ponder the nature of our origins and their role in the inheritance of very specific behavioral traits.

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