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Sex: Perceptions From Past To Present

Sex, while an innate act in itself, has seen it’s perception stuck in a volatile position. This article explores how sex has been perceived by the Indian masses over millennia, and why this perception has changed.

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Sex Positivity – The Side That Is Not So Positive

The article talks about the way societal narratives of sex positivity prove to be reductionist and exclusionary, how sex gets reduced down to a reproductive activity, and how there’s not much relief from the expectations the movement sets for people who do not identify with being vocal or overt about their identity vis-a-vis their preferences and experiences.

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The Voice Of Her

The Voice Of Her TRIGGER WARNING: This article mentions sexual abuse and rape. She was 7. Every day was a new adventure of watching new

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Decoding Beauty Standards

Through a comprehensive analysis of Western and Asian beauty standards we can see how certain beauty standards have risen and the inherent reasoning behind the existence of said beauty standards.

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A Booby Trap

Source: HelloGiggles A Booby Trap! When no two faces are the exact same then how can two breasts be the same? There is no fixed

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