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LGBTQIA+ Depiction in Ancient Indian Texts

In light of the current narrative, it’s tough to imagine that the theme of homosexuality was even discussed as a part of our ancient Indian text. Well, you might be wrong there! So come along and let’s dive into the world of Ancient Indian mythology and its depiction of the non-heteronormative lifestyle.

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Transcending Taboos: Exploring the curious world of Bhutanese Phallus Worship

Beyond the well-known monasteries and prayer flags of Bhutan, an intriguing custom thrives – the practice of Phallus Worship. Embracing these intricate symbols, the Bhutanese showcase a unique belief system – one that treats a symbol considered to be vulgar as a sign of luck and fertility. Read on to discover how this unique tradition can inspire conversations on transcending taboos and embracing sex positivity.

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Ambubachi Mela- the Menstruating Devi of Assam

The Ambubachi festival is an annual festival celebrating the menstruation of the Devi at the Kamakhya Temple, in Assam. Kamakhya embodies the mother cult, Shakti, and this unique festival celebrates fertility and India’s close cultural, agricultural and social ties with the Devi.

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In Conversation With Atumita Modie: Being A Sex-Educator

Female pleasure can be influenced by various factors. To overcome taboos and stigmas, we need to educate and empower women, promote open communication, challenge patriarchal attitudes, and address cultural biases. Embracing and celebrating female pleasure can lead to a more equitable and fulfilling sexual landscape for all. Let’s discuss this further with Atumita, a sex educator.

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Pratisandhi turns 5!

Pratisandhi Foundation has reached a significant milestone by completing half a decade of operation. Let us reflect on the journey so far!

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