Online Dating And Self-Exploration: A New Twist From Regular Dating

Going out on a date and sharing those warm, cozy, intimate moments with the partner(s) is very cherishable and special. Sexual relationships and comfortable intimacy with the partner(s) contribute uniquely to affection and mindful loving and well-being. But, unfortunately, this is a gift that not all are privileged to have. While most of us are enjoying our best times with our ‘love’, there are still people out there who are either forced to stay indoors, are in a long-distance relationship, or haven’t found their partner(s) yet.

For these reasons, online dating becomes their biggest support and one of the things that can bring sparks in their lives!

Dating websites! But, why?

There must be dozens of doubts in your mind about dating apps, but there’s a shinier and brighter side to it too. Here are 5 reasons why we think dating apps are the coolest thing in the 21st century:

  1. Provide an ocean of options – Dating sites are like supermarkets, where there are thousands of great suitors, and you can stroll for hours and find the best ‘partner’. Dating apps are not restricted to geographical locations and outreach, you might sit in Kashmir and find your soulmate in Kanyakumari.
  2. Make dating easier and convenient – There are no limits to dating choices, and no judgments involved in it. You can go from casual dating to friends with benefits to finding your true love. Dating apps allow you to find your best match according to mutual preferences so that your dating life is smooth like butter.
  3. Power of choice is in your hands – There will be no compromise when it comes to finding a perfect partner! And hence, dating apps give you the power to accept or reject the suitor, without being judged or biased.
  4. A safe space for your gender identity – If you belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, it is very important to find a partner from your community, and thanks to the narrow mindset of our country, not all belonging to the community openly come out confidently about their gender. Dating apps reduce this problem, and give you a very secure space where you can be YOURSELF and find THEM!
  5. Help you know yourself better – Sometimes it’s more difficult to understand ourselves than our types. While exploring for the perfect match, you also tend to find your likes and dislikes better, and personal dating preferences.

The GPS of Online Dating! Where to find partners?

Where? Who? How? These are the questions that always appear in a person’s mind while finding a suitable partner online. 

Looking for a secured and legal site is very important, but there are over 1,500 dating apps, and choosing the right one can be a tricky business. Here are the 4 best dating websites in India, where you can find your apt partner:

  1. Tinder – This is probably the most popular dating app in India, so much so that ‘Dating app’ and ‘Tinder’ almost sound synonymous. The reason behind its extreme popularity is easy to sign up, easy to use, and complete privacy protection.
  2. Bumble – A popular, secure, and unique dating app that you must have on your phone. It’s very intriguing because the female will have to initiate the first conversation! And in the case of a homosexual couple, either one can start the conversation. Sounds fun, right?!
  3. OkCupid – This is the most interesting app of all, with a fun way to find the perfect match. Instead of choosing the match on the basis of a picture or profile, there is a series of questions that will be answered by both users.
  4. Happn – Again a completely new and unique app with a creative way of dating. As a Happn user, you’re connected with all the Happn users who pass your ways throughout the day.

The ABC of dating from the window

Dating a person with only a head and shoulders visible is not the most exciting thing about relationships. Online dating may create distance between couples, and hence these types of relationships need more care and attention, which is why new and intriguing dating ideas should be implemented to add sparks to the relationship. Here are few ways by which you can heat up the dull things:

  1. Give each other space – Whether you’re together for casual dating or for a long-term thing, everybody needs the right amount of space for overall better well-being, and especially for people in relationships with different time zones.
  2. Get saucy while texting – Nothing’s naughtier than a seductive tempting text that can instantly turn on the partner. Getting flirty while texting can help in maintaining a calm and understanding relationship, and it can also be used as an opportunity to talk about personal sexual fantasies.
  3. Try sexting to have a pleasurable experience – It might sound a little similar to the previous point, but can be very different from it. Sexting means sending sexually explicit photographs and messages via phones, this includes exchanging nudes pictures and videos. Although, it is always advised to be very careful while sexting such as don’t include name or face or any identifying features such as tattoos, piercings, moles, or birthmarks, and it should be consensual and only if you trust the partner.
  4. Give a shot at virtual sex – While online dating can make you miss the experience and feel of real sex, but there are still ways where you will never compromise with the enjoyment. Virtual sex can be as interesting and quirky as real sex, and can be a great opportunity to try new kinky sexual acts that might intimidate you while doing it in person! Virtual sex is best suited for couples who are in a serious relationship with trust and faith involved. 

Me no need anyone! Me go love myself!

You don’t always need a person to make you come! If you’re not interested in dating anyone, or you’re unable to find a perfect suite, or if you want to forget your dumb ex then you should definitely go ‘SOLO’. Solo sex is not just about pleasure and orgasm, it is the way to connect your mind to your body. We’re here with few tips on how to make love to yourself:

  1. Build in the tension of seduction – It’s quite apparent that good sex is a result of a great mood. Try new ways to seduce yourself, like rub motion on your skin or maybe listen to your favorite tempting music (play ‘Need to know’ by Doja Cat). You can also watch porn or read a young adult novel to turn yourself on.
  2. Turn over the pages of sex guides – If you’re inexperienced about sex and feel clueless, then you don’t have to be worried at all, sex-guide will lead you to the doors of heaven in no time. A sex guide can either be a hard copy or an audiobook or can also be videos, these will help you know more about pleasure and “where to touch or rub.”
  3. Touch yourself and masturbate – Touching is the most sensual feeling, tease yourself and go slowly to ‘sensitive areas.’ You can also try touching yourself in front of the mirror or against a door to add more spice. Experiment while masturbating, like if you have a vagina then try faster strokes, or tapping your clit and if you have a penis, try yanking up faster and try twisting strokes. But always be careful while masturbating and do not hurt yourself.
  4. Play with sex toys – Sex toys are probably the best invention! Sex toys like vibrators, butt plugs, and dildos are infinitely pleasurable. Get all your fantasies to come true, by choosing the most adventurous sex toys be it the thickest or spiked dildos or powerful buzzing vibrators, NO ONE literally NO ONE will judge you.
  5. Romance with sex dolls – If you still feel unsatisfied, then you can go for sex dolls, (still no one’s going to judge you) Although they can charge like crazy! But it’s completely worth it. You can either buy the entire sex doll, or you may customize only the body parts.

Life is stressful yet monotonous, which is why everybody needs a spark! Trying new things is always exciting and gives new experiences that are worthwhile. Nobody should be deprived of having fun because of petty reasons like ‘stuck at home’, ‘trust issues’ or ‘lack of knowledge. We hope this guide can help you find your key to pleasure and happiness. As long as you find happiness, there are no rules!


Illustration by: Gurleen Kaur


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