A Peachy Dream

I was on a date with a guy that I connected through tinder. So here I was, at ten in the morning, in a cafe, on a date. I now regret agreeing for an early morning date with a guy who looks like he sleeps on money. Ten minutes passed by and then I saw a girl entering the cafe wearing a floral dress that complimented well with her red hair. I could have sworn I fell in love at first sight!

I was staring at her so intently that I almost forgot my date but then a waiter covered her face. I looked back at my date but kept sneaking glances at her. After her food arrived, which was a fruit platter, I was broken out of my daze again by my date who had to suddenly leave for work. But I decided to not leave yet and thanked myself for agreeing for the date. Then I averted my gaze on her and saw her biting on a peach completely unaware of the magic spell she seemed to have casted on me.

The way the juices of the peach were overflowing from her mouth made me curl my toes. Suddenly I was dreaming about how many different positions she would have me in under her or her under me completely left at each other’s mercy. And if she will take a bite of the peach and drag it across her clitoris and the folds of her core. And let me take a bite of it tasting all her heavenly bodily juices mixed with the sweetness and the sourness of the peach. And then drag it down my body and rest it on the folds of my vagina and aggressively rub my clitoris with the same peach that has been in her. And make me experience heavenly bliss while she whispers filthy comments in my ear and kisses me with all her energy and undo me for her. 

Suddenly, I was broken out of my dreams when I saw her leaving the cafe. I decided it was time for me to leave too but I made sure to ask the waitress if she was a regular customer. She was! And I knew I soon would become a regular customer, all thanks to the tinder guy.

Written by: Nikitha Barua

Illustration by: Abhilasha Muttoo 


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