How To Have An Orgasm Just From Breast Play?

Despite popular belief, stimulating the clitoris, vagina and the penis is not the only way to have an orgasm. Breasts are a highly overlooked part of the body because people don’t know how to use them to make their sex lives much better. Whether big or small, perky or saggy, real or surgically enhanced, they are all safe to engage in breast play with as long as you learn how to safely do it in a way that’s pleasurable for all the parties involved. Before engaging in breast play, don’t forget to get consent as it is the foundation of a relationship and crucial for every sexual act. Some people are into breast play but also accept that some are not, just discuss as partners what everyone likes or is willing to try. We are going to talk about the way you can bring breast play to your sex life that’s pleasurable for everyone involved as we go.

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Why is Breast Play Enjoyable?

Breast play can be highly enjoyable as people can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone and that is possible because the nipples have a lot of nerve endings which when stimulated, affect the same part of the brain as the clitoris; the genital cortex. The brain, the nipples and the genitals work together to make the experience pleasurable with the help of the spinal cord as it connects all of them together. Nipple stimulation alone can make for such an intense indirect genital stimulation that one can climax just from breast play. 

Men can also have nipple orgasm almost on the same level. Communication, sense of adventure, the willingness to learn and not being afraid to mess up is key when trying new things, especially during partnered sex. Speaking of that, it’s best to take time to get to know your anatomy and explore what works for you in a solo sex setting before engaging in partnered sex to give specific feedback to your partner about what you like or dislike. There are ways to make breast play exciting and pleasurable for everyone involved such as –

Get Down and Dirty

Intense, dirty talk during sex can increase the arousal intensity. It can also increase their confidence and turn them on. Thinking about what turns you on and fantasizing can also help with being aroused. Experimenting just over the clothes is a good start to get into the mood, no one needs to take off their clothes the first thing. You can start off breast play over clothing (it can still be as pleasurable) or you can bring in things like lingerie, nipple pasties, tassels to excite things up visually. 

Don’t Forget About The Body 

You might want to work your way up to nipple stimulation when talking about Breast Play. You can start off by gently massaging the sides and under the breasts and kissing their neck, earlobes and collarbone. You can also try kissing the rib cage, clavicle, cleavage and even the top of their armpits. Don’t head straight for the nipples and instead build up anticipation and leave them wanting more with foreplay. Also observe their reaction to the certain acts that you choose to try and if possible, ask if they enjoy that or not to help navigate each other’s likes and dislikes. 

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Get Your Mouth Involved

You can use your fingers only if you are only comfortable with that but you can also heat things up by using your tongue to circle around the areolas. If the nipples are erect, you can gently flick it with your tongue slowly before sucking on it and keep alternating between those actions. There’s no harm in touching, kissing, licking and gently sucking while you do that but if you start to get tired, you can also go back to using your fingers only to add to the arousal from the varying pressure. 

Don’t Bite Without Consent

Even if you feel the moment calls for it, always ask for consent before engaging in rough breast play. Some might enjoy biting or pulling but others might not and it would not be great to ruin anything and cross boundaries without everyone’s consent involved. You can ask or choose to tell your partner whether you are into slapping, honking, jiggling or even biting the nipples. Always communicate before trying anything new which applies to any sexual activity.

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Different Type of Breasts = Different Care

Many people who are unhappy with their breast size are more likely to hide their breasts during sex. It might be helpful to compliment your partner’s breasts early in foreplay. You can try to comment on her high responsiveness to stimulation, as said by Patti Britton, PhD, a clinical sexologist. 

Different sizes of breasts supposedly have different levels of sensitivity. Large breasts are less sensitive than smaller breasts because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched so you might have to spend more time stimulating the nipple. With smaller breasts, you would need to be more careful because they are more sensitive. If your partner is pregnant, nursing or on their periods, their nipples would be even more tender. 

Throw Blended Orgasm Into The Mix

You can get the clitoris involved to achieve an “blended orgasm” in the bed. Start off by stimulating the nipples with either your tongue or fingertips before moving on to stimulating the clitoris with either your hands, mouth or a sex toy like a vibrator and dont forget to keep communicating once again. 

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Involving Breasts With Sex

Breast Sex is a sexual act that involves rubbing or sticking the head or the penis between the breasts popularized by the pornography industry and it can be a major hit or miss between many people if you don’t know what to do. It should be known that breast sex doesn’t give enough stimulation to reach orgasm but can be a great addition to your foreplay routine. Just make sure to be in a comfortable position, have silicone lube and if everyone involved is comfortable with it, it can turn into a blowjob as well but it’s completely optional. If you want to try this but are afraid to get a “facial”, you can always ask your partner to wear a condom while doing it. Just remember it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and it will not go as smoothly in reality and that’s alright as long as you are having fun. 

Brings Toys Into The Bedroom

Let’s take it up a notch and talk about sex toys, shall we? You can find different kinds of sex toys online dedicated towards breast play. For example, suction toys provide a different, more intense sensation than just simply stimulating the nipples with fingers or tongue. Nipple vibrators and feather ticklers also give a different sensation as well. Clamps also contribute to consistent nipple stimulation. Bringing toys into the bedroom with everyone’s consent can be a good thing as you can wear them the entire time and free up your hands to touch or do different things to other parts of the body. You can buy nipple and breast related toys here.

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Play With Temperature

Kink could play breast play very well. Experimenting with cold or hot things on certain areas can send a shock through the system, especially a part as sensitive as the nipples. Element of surprise also plays into this by increasing blood flow and heart rate which is great for having an orgasm. 

Putting ice inside your mouth while sucking or drawing circles around the nipples can really add to the foreplay. For heating things up, sipping on hot tea and then gently sucking on the nipples also has the same effect. You can also try it with ice cream, warm syrups, warming oils, lotions or just blow on their wet nipples to get the same result. To make it extra kinky, you can bring in restraints like ropes or ties into the bedroom and don’t forget to have safety scissors nearby. 

Always remember to carefully mix pleasure with pain. Don’t forget to have a safe word ready if you are using toys as too much pressure might hurt your partner. 

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Breast play is a great way to intensify your partner’s orgasm. You can try to combine different techniques to enhance your partner’s sexual feelings. However before doing any sexual act with your partner, communicate with them and ask for permission. Just go with the flow, take one step at a time and work on making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Discontinue or abandon the activity if anyone is not comfortable with it. 


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