All You Need To Know About Breast Cancer In Men

It’s time to speak the truth. The truth about breast cancer. Now you might be thinking in this article I would be talking about breast cancer in women as it is mostly prevalent in them. No, this article would be taking the narrative of breast cancer in men which is very much general in men but is less talked about or is a subject of rare knowledge in the society. Breast cancer has been a serious issue over ages which need a keen observation upon it and the do’s and don’ts about which the society needs to be educated.

Breast cancer: A bane or a problem?!

We are all familiar with the term breast cancer. But Still let’s recapitulate what breast cancer is. In men it’s a type of cancer that grows in the men’s breast tissue. Men’s breast tissue is very much similar to  a girl’s breast tissue before they reach puberty. Cancer tends or starts to develop in those tissues when the cells start to grow uncontrollably forming tumours.

All the cancer can be cured through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and targeted therapy. The outlook of this therapy depends upon how widespread the tumor is. In the United States of America it’s rate is 1 percent men whereas in India it is 0.5 to 1 percent in men. The risk of cancer increases with age and even the doctors say with increasing age the risk further increases especially when the patient is in an advanced stage of cancer.

Even the prediction of this disease is very poor when compared to men, that is it is very difficult to understand whether this cancer will lead to what sort of condition. Whether it will cure or prove fatal? So, it’s very important to consult a doctor if you have any symptoms of breast cancer in the very first place rather than let it be a fatal wound.

Symptoms of breast cancer

It can be a lump in the breasts, or the nipple turning inwards, liquids oozing out from nipples that are generally blood, or small bumps and rashes around the breast which are red and hard and even small bumps around the armpits.

All men produce some amount of oestrogen, which is normal. But when these hormones start to release in higher amounts it leads to various problems of which breast cancer is one of them. It mainly happens because of genetic condition or due to chronic lover disease or men who are overweight (obese).

Men with klinefelter’s syndrome also have an increased chance of developing breast cancer although it is rare. In klinefelter’s syndrome which is a rare genetic condition,  where men tend to have extra female chromosomes, that is they have XXY chromosome instead of XY chromosome. So as a result of it they have less production of testosterone which leads to hormonal disbalance.


My purpose of writing this article is to make people aware that yes breast cancer do occur in men and it’s not a matter of shame. It’s not something that somebody has deliberately taken upon them. There are still taboos in society related to breast cancer in men. People generally do abstain from talking about it as they fear that either would criticise them or won’t accept their condition. This attitude needs to be changed. It’s a very fatal condition and one must learn to acknowledge it and fight against this.


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