From Parades to Parties: How does the world celebrate pride?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pride month celebrates the progress that has been made in terms of larger acceptance, diversified identities and rights.
  • Pride month also initiates discussions on the roadblocks that continue to exist. It involves protests and parades, becoming a means of political activism.
  • Various cities and nations have their ways of celebrating pride.
  • One can find their tradition of celebration by engaging with educational resources and being an ally.

The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month around the globe. A month that celebrates the progress the world has made in obtaining civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community, Pride Month also witnesses parades with slogans of protest. Pride month, which is celebrated in June, is a month filled with celebrations, live performances, parades etc and is not similar to Pride History Month which is celebrated in October.

Source: The New Yorker


Pride month, in its association with history, is known to celebrate the Stonewall uprising of 1969. In June 1969, a Manhattan Gay club called the Stonewall Inn witnessed an uprising in terms of the riots when a police raid invaded the area. A year later, in remembrance of this event and the violation of the then-closeted LGBTQ+ community, thousands of people marched and formed pride parades in June in New York. President Clinton, in 1999, announced June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”.

The rainbow flag was created by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. Each colour of the flag has its meaning with alterations being made in successive years and a recent change made by Daniel Quasar in 2021. In the six-colour flag heading thousands of Pride parades, the red symbolizes life, orange is symbolic of healing, yellow symbolizes sunshine, green stands for nature, blue represents harmony and purple is symbolic of spirit. 




  1. New York City- With a rich history dating back to the Stonewall uprising, New York City dynamically celebrates pride. Starting with the grand pride parade that takes place in March, the month of June also witnesses parades with people celebrating acceptance and diversity. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, NYC, “the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recognizes those fighting for social justice and equality for all New Yorkers. LGBTQIA+ Pride Month provides a time to acknowledge the significant and positive contributions of New York’s LGBTQIA+ community and the impact these leaders have on the social, economic, environmental, and political fabric of society.”
  2. Belize- A year after decriminalizing same-sex acts, Belize started its Pride Month celebrations in 2017. Beach parties, markets, fairs etc. are held every year to increase discussions and visibility of the community. 
  3. Italy- The first-ever pride event in Italy took place in 1972 in Sanremo. The pride parade held in Rome in 1994 saw over 10,000 participants. Roma pride, Milan etc have become fascinating locations where one can witness the unique Italian pride parades and experience extensive participation in matters of celebrations and advocacy.  Outright International notes that “The 2023 Pride events faced challenges such as local authorities restricting participation in Scafati and political resistance in Lazio, Roma, and Milano, reflecting the growing tension between LGBTIQ advocacy and conservative forces.”
  4. Netherlands- The annual Canal parade witnesses a surreal transformation of Amsterdam during pride month. This unique parade takes place on the city’s historic waterways with boats decorated with flowers and diverse flags announcing love and acceptance. 
  5. Sydney, Australia- Sydney’s pride celebrations are marked by the Gay and Lesbian festival- Mardi Gras. In collaboration with Sydney WorlPride, they’ve grown to become the largest Pride celebration in the Southern Hemisphere. 
  6. Berlin- The Christopher Street Day- a unique name for the pride celebrations witnesses a colourful Berlin with floats, banners and marches in the town extending till Brandenburg gate.

No matter what, the celebration never stops as the world witnesses Denver celebrating virtual pride during the pandemic.



With such unique ways of celebration all around, Pride has started to reach the margins of the world and has domesticated itself into various cultures. Although there are places that are known for their traditional celebrations of pride month and their unique parades, one can participate at an individual level as well. This can be done by participating in events happening around you, getting educated through relevant sources, being an ally, participating in fun competitions related to pride and consuming pride media. At the local level, communities become allies by opening contests, hosting events etc. Every nation has its history of Pride and its way of celebrating it, it’s never too late to find your way to being an ally and delve into these traditions.


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