Sex and Tech - The Real Power Couple

Key Takeaways:

  • The growth of the sex tech industry is closely linked to the cultural and mindset shift that has been happening in society.
  • According to a 2017 survey conducted by Durex, 72% of men have orgasms during sex and 75% of women do not experience orgasms

  • The sex tech industry is making strides to make sexual pleasure inclusive and is debunking the taboos associated with it.  

Tech has touched almost all aspects of our lives. It has significantly changed our lifestyle and has now made its way into the sexual wellness space. Incorporating technology with sexual wellness is revolutionizing the way people approach pleasure. Let us dive into this article to understand the role of tech in the sexual wellness and pleasure space.


Sex and Tech - The New Pathway to Pleasure

Sexual technology or “sex tech” is a new category that has come up — and it’s going to change the way one looks at the idea of pleasure. These products are designed to enable and encourage pleasure, intimacy and sexual well-being.

Why are these products gaining popularity?

According to the Future Laboratory, a strategic foresight consultancy, the market growth of these products is largely linked to cultural movements and a shift in the mindset where there is increased openness and healthy discourse on sexual pleasure. Now that more people are talking about sexual wellness, the brands in this category are finding it easier to promote these products on various social media platforms and there are qualified people from the field of sexual wellness who are using social media to destigmatise pleasure and disseminate medically accurate knowledge on sexual health. Dialogues always drive the market and this time it’s happening for good.

What are existing technologies in this space?

  • Sex toys for self- Touching oneself is one of the most common sexual pleasure experiences. People indulge in masturbation with their hands and numerous products are designed to elevate the experience
  • Pleasure tools- There are several vibrating devices available for self-stimulation. A few of them are connected with Bluetooth and remotes which offers a hands-free experience as well.
  • Sex Tracking- There are devices designed to keep track of your sexual activities since they contribute towards your sexual, mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Virtual Fantasy– With growth technologies like 3D modelling and advanced game engines, there are virtual spaces available that lets one explore sexual fantasies in a safe space

Orgasm gap? What is that?

Yes, you heard it right. According to a 2017 study by Durex, 72% of men have orgasms during sex and 75% of women don’t. This has led to an orgasm gap. Historically attaining sexual pleasure was associated with men, so unfortunately pleasure in sex never became the priority of women. The root cause of this lies in cultural and social factors. Being open about one’s sexual needs was considered a taboo, especially for women and it’s not like that taboo has completely waned off but things have been changing gradually and we have a long way to go

Destigmatising pleasure

The taboos around sexual well-being and pleasure must be debunked so that sexual wellness becomes an inclusive space. The sex tech industry is playing a significant role in making this space accessible to all. Pleasure was always associated with men and used to be very ableist but the sex tech industry is taking strides to make it an inclusive and accessible arena.  The the the prevailing attitude in India is that sex should only be discussed within the confines of a heterosexual marriage solely to have children. One should understand that the goal of sex is subjective, it does not have to be about kids for everyone. The dialogue around sexual wellness should keep going and the aim should be to do away with the taboo revolving around it. Sex toys are being designed to cater for the needs of all genders hence making pleasure accessible to all. There are products like Ohnut stackable rings. This product has been designed for trans women to avoid painful insertion during sexual activity post-affirmation surgery. This product helps to maintain control during the penetration. There are products such as Buck off which is designed for trans folx that act as a small penis, hence avoiding body dysphoria. Why are these products being designed? The answer is to make sexual activity accessible to all and it allows one to identify their pleasure points. All these efforts would aid in destigmatising pleasure


Pleasure and wellness shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity to lead a healthy life. One should understand that the goal of sex is subjective, it does not have to be about kids for everyone. Pleasure should not become the variable in the equation, it should become the constant. Technology is surely changing the way people approach pleasure and it would lead to a positive shift in the mindset as well.


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