#AltEnd: The End Of The F* World, Not A Psychotic Love Story

What if it was all Alyssa’s plan? 

In the end scene, both the main characters are under a bridge when Alyssa told James how she planned all of their meetings, the day they first met, the places they both went, everything just after James confessed his love for her.

James did not know anything about this and was shocked by this revelation. The truth was like a gunshot to his head, he was not able to comprehend her words. The only question remained- ‘why’

Alyssa was watching James struggling with each word that was getting out of her mouth. She cared about him, but not more than she cared about the money she was promised by the gangster. So without an emotion on her face, she continued opening every bit of the suspense. 

Your dad was involved in a lot of illegal businesses with my boss” , she said, waiting for him to respond. When he didn’t say a word, she moved on and told him everything that she knew about the whole plan and how she ended up being a part of that gang.

“I was 14 years old when there was a party at my stepdad’s house and many people were invited. I always knew something was off about him and his friends, but never cared to mention it because apparently, my mother seemed happy. I was just walking through the big halls of his house when suddenly, I was dragged into the store room. It was my stepdad and 2 of his friends. They were really brutal to me, threatened me and my mother’s life. Asked me if I could join them and be their partner. Maybe they saw me killing the dog the other day, or maybe they just were desperate to find a young partner. I had no other choice, they were scary”. She did not mention the money that she used to get after every task. She was probably ashamed. But Alyssa was never the person who could get ashamed of anything. She had a clear view and just wanted to get rid of James.

But getting rid of him was not a piece of cake, her heart was somehow attached to his innocence. She was not able to see James’ father in him, what she saw was a young boy who just needed help. 

No, this is not me, I should not feel this way. I have done a lot of things just to get here. I cannot step back, I cannot let him go away.” Alyssa thought and was ready with the gun in her hand. She killed his dad. She made the consequences that lead to James killing the professor in the first season. It was not their destiny that brought them back up again in the second season, it was her, it had always been her. And today too, she wasn’t here to surrender, she was here to kill James. James was the last person of his bloodline, he had to be gone, he had to be finished. Before Alyssa was able to do anything, James got up, took the gun from her and shot himself. 


Written by: Garima Arora

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