#AltEnd: Pretty Little Liars, It's Not Over Yet

It was the time when everyone was thinking about who killed Charlotte and how. No one could ever find the murder weapon and the case was closed but is that the truth? Did Charlotte jump from the church window? No one knew the answer except those five liars- Alison, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer.

Got a secret,

Can you keep it?

Swear this one you’ll save.

Better lock it in your pocket,

Taking this one to the grave.

If I show you then I know you

Won’t tell what I said.

‘Cause two can keep a secret 

If one of them is dead

The plot skips to the last day when the girls were leaving Philadelphia. The wedding bells were ringing as Spencer was getting married to Toby. Everyone was very happy and none remembered Charlotte’s death except her lover Mona and her father and sister. As the day continued, All the five girls were getting ready but something was strange about Alison.  Hush…she wasn’t Alison, it was her evil twin sister Rose with them. None of the girls knew Alison was trapped in a house built by Ezra for his lover Aria.

In the afternoon when everyone was going to the chapel Toby was missing and Spencer just found out she was carrying his baby. Spenser broke into tears and was devastated as no one could find Toby. So where was Toby? Did he run from the wedding? Or did something urgent came up that he had to leave the wedding and go? No one knew. 

Suddenly at 12:35 p.m., a text appeared on the cell phone of all the five girls. Everyone was shocked that  A was still alive. The message said, “Toby has gone far away and will never come back – A.” Everyone was sad but Caleb was able to trace Toby’s phone. It was showing the location of the Ezra-Aria house which wasn’t completely built. Everyone rushed to the house to find them. Over there they realized that there were two Alisons. So who was the real Alison? The real Alison answered all the questions and rescued Toby from the house prison where both of them were locked. 

Mona and Charlotte’s father tried to run but they were caught by the police. Both of them revealed that Charlotte was killed by all those five girls in the church. The murder weapon was never found because she was hit by a metal pipe in the church and it was presented as suicide. But having no evidence the girls were released. It was also revealed that the “A” was Mona who was haunting these girls. It was a relief for the girls that A was finally caught.

Finally, Spencer and Toby got married. When all the five girls were celebrating Spenser’s marriage, they received a text from the private number. They all were shocked as A was caught. So who could send them the message? Emily and Hannah read the message together 

“It’s not over yet’’ – A

Written by: Trish Jain

Featured Image: Vox


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