#AltEnd: How I Met Your Mother

The sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, ends with a few stereotypes and it’s high time that we add some quirks to it. First and foremost, Barney is actually the father of the baby daughter he was about to have. Barney was a really witty character with both funny and smart traits. He disregarded women, treated them like objects and second in class, rarely as an equal, and always easy to persuade. Raising a daughter will be fitting for him, enabling him to understand a woman’s life from a baby girl to a full-grown woman who is capable of doing whatever she wants and needs no man to put her down.

However, I’d still wish for him and Robin to go through with their divorce. It was evident that they had outgrown their marriage, and it was high time for them to part ways. Next, I’d want Lily to have a breakthrough in her career, enabling her to be financially independent and confident, work as a freelance artist, live and raise her kids with Marshall. For Robin and Ted, I’d want them to stay really amazing friends as they were. Since their group was evidently growing distant towards the end, I’d want them to become a close-knit group again, embracing each others’ complicated lives and emotions.

Lastly, for Ted, I’d want him to get his truly deserving ‘happily ever after’ ending- with Tracy and their kids. I’d want the group to take over McLauren’s and run it as their own joint business, where Barney leads the management, and the rest of them are silent partners. However, I would like them to continue their ritual of meeting there at least a couple of times a week. The show closes with the image of the group having fun together but at the same time progressing in their own respective lives and careers. The ending might be a little too cheesy for a few, but then sitcoms are meant to be cheesy, no? 😛

Written by: Ravleen Bajaj

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