#AltEnd: Gilmore Girls And What It Could Have Been

The autumn leaves were Rory’s favorite thing about New York. The tall blocks of glass and concrete were stunning, but there was something about the simplicity of fall leaves in Central Park that still mesmerized Rory, even after all these years. She had loved Stars Hollow and Connecticut, but it had been time she moved past. About the time she settled down anyway. She was a mother now after all.

Paris had been the catalyst. After her divorce from Doyle, she too had wanted a fresh start. She was the one who suggested that Rory and she move in together. With how competitive the housing market was in New York, she had agreed immediately. Besides, she loved Gabriella and Timoteo. She wouldn’t mind living with them.

Paris had always been there for her. She had her ways of showing how she cared, which was always different than how the broad majority showed they cared. But then again, who was Paris if not unique?

Rory had also gotten a job at the New Yorker. That’s when she felt like the pieces were falling into place. Her life-long dream would finally become a reality. She had learned from her mistakes. She had grown up. Her moving to the city just made sense. And it was with Paris. Who better than her best friend and former roommate to start the new chapter of her life with.

While at the New Yorker, she applied for a master’s at Columbia; somehow, she managed to get in. Then came the Ph.D. Then her tenure as a professor at New York University. 

Then, after years, one summer when the twins were in California with Doyle, something changed. It was as if Rory saw Paris in a new light. The love had always been there; it just reached where it could’ve yet. Both of them decided to give it a chance.

The days then turned into months, and the months into years. It was inevitable they had realized, right from their first conversation in the halls of Chilton to their townhouse in New York; it had always been Rory and Paris together. And always would be.

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