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Financial Abuse: the Invisible Companion of Domestic Violence

This article is intended as a primer on what constitutes marital financial abuse. If either you, a friend or a relative of yours is going through such an unpleasant situation, you should learn to recognize the signs and reach out to persons who may be caught in this situation and offer your help.

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Why The ABCs Of Sex Work Matter

The article highlights the need for a more conscious and cognizant use of language while talking about sex work – using language as a tool for social equality, as opposed to one of oppression. Since this outdated use of language has impacted the material conditions under which sex workers are forced to operate, it remains a matter of utmost importance.

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Sex: Perceptions From Past To Present

Sex, while an innate act in itself, has seen it’s perception stuck in a volatile position. This article explores how sex has been perceived by the Indian masses over millennia, and why this perception has changed.

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Trauma Dumping: How Much For How Long?

When it hasn’t been your week,your month or even your year, your friend(s) or your partner(s) or your parents are there for you. However, is it a free pass for you to dump everything on them? If it can affect them so much then should you not talk about it? Read this article to know more.

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