Know your inner self ~ The Art of Self-intimacy

Do you know that the most important person you should have the deepest connect is YOU? Hold a cup of coffee and read this article, spending time boosting your energy and confidence. Self-intimacy is having a close relationship with your inner self. It is interlinked with self-awareness. The more you know yourself, the better and healthier your relationships with others. That’s called intra-personal skills, one of the eight skills of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Through self-intimacy, you live with your innermost desires, embrace your weaknesses, and acknowledge your thoughts, abilities, fears and desires without judgment. It is all about wholeheartedly accepting yourself with the warmth and care you need.

Why to perform self-intimacy?

Self-intimacy provides a sense of safety and connection with yourself and boosts your confidence. The individuality that comes from practising self-intimacy paves the way for your personality development. It empowers you to speak your truth and advocate your needs and preferences with confidence and self-assurance. All you have to do is “keep your head up in the sky for yourself”.

Does pleasure only come through physical touch?

This question may strike your mind but the reality is that physicalness is just a fraction of sensualness. To rejoice in self-intimacy, try to allow yourself to be authentic, and wooh! discover the beauty of your soul.

Here are some ways to get more intimate with yourself:

  1. Meditation: Delve into mindfulness through meditation. Make yourself grow from your inner side with each breath you take in. In a peaceful environment, dive deeper into your inner self, exploring your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and opinions.
  2. Spend time with yourself: You get solitude when you spend time with yourself. Cherish some quiet conversations with yourself. Pro tip-: You may go on a self-date too. You would love it.
  3. Self-care: Learn to touch with love. Pamper your skin by adding the softness and love that it needs. Be playful with yourself. Hug yourself, give self-affirmations, detoxify and perform activities such as following a schedule and healthy diet, skincare, etc.
  4. Do what you love: Have satisfaction with what you are having, wearing and anything that is part of your life.
  5. Yoga: Experience breathing (pranayam), meditation and chanting at the same time. Evoke the power that lies within you. Have self-affirmations in each breath.
  6. Mirror work: Talk to your reflection. Take a mirror and see yourself sensually. Admire yourself. Sit and discover yourself. Pro tip-: Go naked and do a full body scan. Don’t run away from the body parts that you don’t like.
  7. Masturbation: Self-pleasure is important. Make time to explore yourself.


Be self-smart, and self-awared to boost your self-esteem.

Congratulations! Pat your back! You just dedicated your time to revive a new world that resides in you. Remember to be the best company for yourself.


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