Exploring different types of intimacy

You like many others must think that being intimate is about being sexual or something related to sex.

And it’s not your fault, we as a society are used to using this term synonymous with being physical. But is it right? We’ll find out today, in this blog.

What is Intimacy?

The easy way to describe it is with the word “closeness” but not limiting it to romantic relationships. Yes, intimacy can exist between a mother and a daughter, two people who are just friends. It’s about trusting and sharing privileged information with someone.

So, we hope now you know what being intimate is not bound to. Now another question may have arisen in your mind – what kind of intimacy exists between these people other than emotional?

Let’s read ahead for the answers.

Underrated types of intimacy

1. Aesthetic Intimacy: 

This word is common in our generation, but have you ever thought it could be paired with intimacy? Well, it can. You know the instant connection you feel with someone because they like the same music artist as you? A perfect example here is Swifties.

That’s what aesthetic intimacy is about. But, it’s not limited to music, it can be art, literature, or even nature. The beauty of something that two people agree upon is known as aesthetic intimacy.

2. Conflict Intimacy: 

This one came as a complete surprise to us too. Conflict and Intimacy, seriously? Who can think a term like this exists, we couldn’t but now here we are. This is a bit opposite of the aesthetic because sometimes you may not like what interests an individual but you understand their love for it and respect it. 

Conflict is a natural part of good relationships, says Dr. John Gottman. It’s when people can disagree, talk about it, and find a solution or compromise respectfully. That’s called conflict intimacy. We feel it’s more common in families because not everyone has the same likings but we co-exist and learn to appreciate their interests.

3. Experiential Intimacy: 

As the name suggests, it’s connected with experiments or trying new things. We feel this is the best way to get close to someone along with knowing more about them. Because when you perform certain tasks together it strengthens a bond like no other and also builds memories.

For example: preparing a meal with family members or trying something new with your partner. 

4. Self-intimacy: 

This is the most important kind of intimacy because you need to be close to yourself to build healthy relationships with other individuals. Like loving yourself, this type of intimacy includes stuff like:

– Having regular quiet time

– Journaling

– Even solo dates

In short, spending more time with yourselves to understand and develop a strong relationship with the inner you, which is defined as self-intimacy.

5. Work Intimacy: 

Building intimacy at work can make you happier with your job and life. It means moving from just working together to having someone you trust for feedback and support. Work or corporate intimacy can look like sharing personal insights with coworkers, eating together, whether at work or outside, or asking for feedback.


It’s not just about physical closeness, there are many other ways to connect deeply with different people in your life. So, next time the topic comes up, we hope you’ll be intrigued to explore the different types rather than just thinking about the physical aspect.

Also, do let us know which one came as a complete surprise to you.


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