Sexual & Reproductive Health

Infant Mortality in India

Infant Protection Day on November 7th focuses on raising awareness about child safety. Despite India’s high neonatal death rate, recent data shows a decline in infant mortality due to improved healthcare infrastructure. Factors like poverty, malnutrition, and lack of healthcare facilities contribute to high rates. Sex education plays a vital role, in promoting maternal and child health, reducing gender discrimination, improving healthcare access, and lowering fertility rates to combat infant mortality.

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Wondering what are STIs? We got you covered!

This comprehensive guide explores different aspects of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including the common symptoms, treatment options, and preventive measures surrounding these infections. Through open communication, regular testing, and informed decision-making, we can confront this public health challenge head-on. Read on to know more!

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A Path to Better Sexual Health: STI & its Prevention

HIV and AIDS, haven’t we all referred to these terms in a derogatory way, at least once, unlike other diseases? STIs are so common that we might not even be aware, even if we carry them in our bodies. This article tries to explore ways to make ourselves a bit more aware of STIs and their precautionary measures.

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Sharing the Status of Your STI With Your Partner

Addressing the shame and social stigma linked to sexually transmitted infections is crucial, as this stigma contributes to higher rates of STI transmission, deters individuals from seeking treatment, and has adverse effects on their well-being. Studies demonstrate that individuals who communicate their STI status to their partners experience a notably more favourable outlook on their sexual self-identity compared to those who keep it hidden. Read ahead to understand the whys and hows of sharing your STI status.

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HIV & AIDS: Changing Social Perceptions

HIV and AIDS have been two of the most challenging health crises in recent history, with a profound impact on individuals, communities, and societies worldwide. In this article, we will explore the history of HIV and AIDS, examine the lingering homophobia, highlight recent medical breakthroughs, and suggest ways to change social perceptions while emphasizing prevention techniques.

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Debunking Myths on Pap Smears

Pap smears, often shrouded in misconceptions, are a fundamental aspect of preventive healthcare. Read this blog to learn about its significance, shedding light on its role in safeguarding your well-being. By understanding the essentials, dispelling misconceptions, and recognizing the importance of early detection, you take control of your health.

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