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Understanding Transgender Identities in the Indian Context

Transgender, Intersex, Kinnar, Hijra, Non-binary – the list goes on. The spectrum of identities within India’s vast transgender community may seem intricate, yet understanding these nuances is vital for fostering good and meaningful allyship. This Transgender Awareness Week, let’s unravel the layers, dispel misconceptions, and stand united for a more inclusive and informed society.

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Re-imaging Disabled Desires: The Case of Isaac from Sex Education

The words disability and desire are hardly ever used in the same sentence. Convention relegates disability to the likelihood of asexuality which has been created and furthered by the epitomisation of able-bodied standards of beauty in popular media and culture. Issac Godwins’s portrayal on the British show Sex Education thus, appears almost revolutionary for its nuance. The character, in its essence, pushes us to re-conceptualize our understanding of disabled desire.

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Coming to terms with Asexuality

Exploring the spectrum of human sexuality, our article delves into the multifaceted world of asexuality. Addressing common misconceptions, we emphasize that asexuality is a valid orientation, not a medical condition. From clarifying the asexuality spectrum to navigating relationships and expressing love beyond conventional norms, we unravel the diverse experiences within this community. Additionally, we distinguish between asexuality and aromanticism, highlighting the importance of recognizing and respecting the unique identities and desires that exist within these spectrums.

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Balancing Taboos & Awareness through China’s Guangzhou Sex Festival

A decade or two earlier, sex education was considered taboo. How did people then know about it? Sadly, many didn’t. Some did when they did the act, and a few through books and video formats. This lack of knowledge was extended to such an extent that China, a country known for being secretive in terms of political and societal matters, started hosting an event that promotes sex.

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LGBTQIA+ Depiction in Ancient Indian Texts

In light of the current narrative, it’s tough to imagine that the theme of homosexuality was even discussed as a part of our ancient Indian text. Well, you might be wrong there! So come along and let’s dive into the world of Ancient Indian mythology and its depiction of the non-heteronormative lifestyle.

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