Your Summer Reading-List

Need a couple of hard-hitting books to add to your never ending TBR? We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of books on sexual and reproductive health rights to help you reach your reading goal this summer! From insightful narratives to empowering guides, these books invite readers to explore, learn, and advocate for their health with courage and confidence.

Cutesy Comics

Let’s Move Forward

Written by UNESCO, New Delhi, and NCERT

Suitable for children in primary school and above, this publication is aimed at the developing adolescent age group and aims to educate them on a variety of topics such as gender equity, menstruation, disabilities, nutrition, and how to develop a healthy relationship with one’s community. Best part? It’s free to view and download here


Menstrupedia Books

Founded by Aditi Gupta 

A SharkTank Winner, this comic targets adolescents going through puberty – it covers topics like body changes during puberty, periods, menstrual hygiene, and a lot more. Available in more than 15 languages, their exceptional work has reached global coverage. Take a look at their website here.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness 

Written By Nagata Kabi

Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Suicide

Bagging multiple awards, this book is suitable for ages 15 and above, dealing with a no-filter narration of the author’s personal experiences with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, sexuality, and the meaning of love. Here is a comprehensive review of the same.

Powerful Poetry

The World That Belongs To Us

Edited By Aditi Angiras & Akhil Katyal

This book features a variety of poems from South Asia, dealing with queer love, heartbreak, and growth. The compilation is immaculate, covering a wide breadth of poets from all corners of the internet, including some famous ones. It features local languages and covers a beautiful spectrum of personal narratives from South Asian queer folks. 


how to share the world

Published By One Future Collective

Created by a community of feminists who believe in the power of words, this book deals with themes of joy & healing, feminist friendships, love & revolution, queer justice, and community. In between every few poems, it also contains self-reflective journal activities where you can pen down your thoughts.

How Many More Indian Daughters?

Written By Chan Chan Hongchui

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Rape

Written by a Graduate from Miranda House Delhi University, this book handles sexual assault and rape at the core – offering a safe space for the grief, numbness, and rage that victims go through. Written in both poetry and prose, the book acknowledges the suffering, survival, and healing process that survivors undergo. 


Narrative Novels

So Now You Know: A Memoir of Growing Up Gay in India

Written By Vivek Tejuja

While the LGBTQIA+ movement has garnered a new pace thanks to social media, ever wonder how it was before the “Am I Gay” Buzzfeed quizzes and bittersweet BL media? Humorous and heart-breaking, this memoir speaks up about how it was to grow up gay in an India with very few safe spaces in the 1990s.


Dr. Cuterus: 

Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body

Written By Dr. Tanaya Narendra 

Written by the Medical Influencer and medical health professional Tanya Narendra aka Dr.Cuterus, this book aims to be a friendly guide to folks confused about how our bodies work, filled with adorable illustrations and real-talk. Ultimately, it aims to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your body. 


Under The Carpet: The Sex Ed Everyone Needs

Written By Niyati Sharma 

Penned by the Founder of Pratisandhi, this is a comprehensive book on sex-ed that breaks barriers and provides medically accurate, essential knowledge to people of all age-groups. Ditch your Biology textbooks and embrace the down-to-earth conversations that are sparked within these pages.


Whether you’re an avid reader or weary of books, we’re sure that these books will prompt you to head to your local bookstore. So stop doom-scrolling, and start doom-flipping through these pages!

Need more recommendations? 

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