Why Does It Hurt During Sex?

Over the years the trajectory of sexual dysfunction has gained momentum especially when it comes to pain during sexual intercourse. Before, going into the details of pain orders related to sexual dysfunction we need to understand what exactly do we mean by sexual dysfunction. So, sexual dysfunction is basically a condition which refrains an individual from enjoying sexual pleasures.


The common causes of this dysfunction are stress, anxiety, psychological disorder and many more as well as painful intercourse. Sexual dysfunction may be experienced by all individuals and can lead to detrimental impact on healthy sexual life if not treated properly on time by consulting a doctor.

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Loss of interest in sex drive: is it a sign of pained intercourse?

Many surveys have showed there has been lost of interest in sex drive. The reason for such an outcome varies from person to person. But the main reason which was highlighted was pain during intercourse. This pain also has its distinctive properties when it comes to different individuals.


For vulva owners, tensed vaginal muscles and inadequate lubrication can make the intercourse painful. Also, this pain can be a cause of neurological, urinary disorders. Even the change in hormonal level during menopause or drop in estrogen level can lead to thinning of skin in genital area. It can also lead to decrease in lubrication and thinning of the vaginal lining leading to painful penetration.


For penis owners, it may be a painful ejaculation. The ejaculation can be premature in nature which happens immediately before or after penetration. This can be a result of performance anxiety or at times nerve damage or spinal cord disorder. Other ejaculations are impaired ejaculation wherein a person cannot ejaculate at all. The ejaculation disorder during orgasm occurs when the ejaculation instead of getting out of penis gets inside the penis. Although doctors claim that it is not a serious issue, it can impair fertility.


Pain order during intercourse course: A topic of dissent in the society

Till now we have been talking about sexual dysfunction and painful penetration, it’s causes and whether it is detrimental in long term. But along with this, one should keep one thing in mind that only talking about the causes of sexual dysfunction and pain order and whether to consult a doctor regarding this won’t completely serve the purpose. There’s a more detrimental impact of pain penetration or ejaculation problems in sexual dysfunction and needs to be addressed openly to the society.


Mostly in such cases people refrain from talking about such topics even if they have gone through the same. People not only refrain to discuss about it openly but even deny to accept the existence of sexual dysfunctional factors like pain penetration, faking orgasms, etc. It is very likely to be shy and disagree about it but we need to understand the in-depth seriousness of this issue. The fact that society doesn’t accept such things and does not let an individual be open about it is the prime cause of disagreeing or ignoring this issue. Criticism from most people is seen about those who put their views forward or discuss openly about pain intercourse.


Awareness campaigns about such issues are very much important and need of the hour. Although if such campaigns are held up in neighbouring societies it may take a month or even an year in some cases by the organisers to convince people to attend such campaigns. The pressure from family relatives and members to the newly weds to have the process of consummation who may have sexual dysfunction in the long run can lead to performance pressure and increased anxiety leading to forced penetration and ejaculation which can lead to worse impact on the sexual health as well as sex life of the spouses. In some cases alcoholic or drug addicts also face the problem of painful intercourse, although exceptions are there to it where some by choice and some out of circumstances become alcoholic or drug addicts but still exception does not lead to solving the problem.



I keep my pen down by concluding with the statement that the problem of painful intercourse is not as big when compared to STI and AIDS but it’s nonetheless. Proper functioning of a healthy sexual life is very important. Any sort of dysfunction associated with it not only ruins or health sex life but also the relationship amongst individuals. It also leads to stress and anxiety which can have a direct impact on an individual’s work life. Thus, it depends on us how we perceive sexual dysfunction and what we do to prevent it ruining our healthy sexual life as well as relationships.


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