What Can You Do To Support Your Pregnant Partner

Becoming parents is the happiest and warmest feeling in the world. It’s such a cherishing moment for the parents as well. But just being pregnant is not where the role of parents ends. It’s the point where the role as well as responsibility increases. The pregnancy period is the high time where they go through a series of emotions, problems and many more. They need to shoulder the responsibility and role of doting parents.


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Being pregnant is the most wonderful thing an individual experiences. It gives them a feel of what it is like to be a parent. But along with this beautiful experience there is a back breaking feel too. An individual who is pregnant goes through a lot of mood swings, heat flashes, change in taste, feeling of being nauseous, sleep deprived days, problems in laying down or while sitting or getting up and many more. During this time when the whole situation is topsy turvy and too difficult and hard for the person to handle, the person needs their partners the most to gain emotional support to cope up with the situation.


List of things you can do when you find that your partner is pregnant:


  • Give them your time. Stay with them. Help them to always be happy by doing whatever they like, like going out on walks or talking and more as it is good for their health as well as for the baby.


  • Don’t unnecessarily pressurise them to eat something they do not want even during pregnancy or post pregnancy. Often it is suggested to have a lot of ghee, butter, warm water and nutritious fruits and veggies. This is obviously good for the parent and the baby but at times pressuring them to eat against their will might make them irritable or nauseous and might not suit them.


  • Craving is at the peak during this time. Try to feed your partner the food which they want to eat. Feed them the spicy or sour food from a clean and hygienic place keeping their health in mind if they want to have it.


  • Also sex drive is very normal during pregnancy. Having sex at the time of pregnancy will not cause any major problem to the baby as the penis or sex toys won’t penetrate your vagina, until you have complications like preterm labor or placenta problems. So having sex during pregnancy should be a matter of consent of both the partners and should entirely depend on them whether they have want to have it or not.


  • Also try to keep them calm when they’re moody. Try to understand that this is the time where the hormones are at their peak resulting in frequent mood swings. Try to calm them in ways in which it becomes easier for them to control mood swings. You can just feed them their favourite ice cream or can just binge watch their favourite series.


  • Accompany them to doctor visits and ultrasound. This small gesture can help them to be ensured with the fact that you are being supportive and helpful during harsh times.


  • Ensure that your partner takes power naps and sleep according to the schedule. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is very important for your partner and the unborn baby.
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The Roller Coaster Ride Of Pregnancy Hood: Is It The Sole Responsibility Of A Pregnant Person?

In society when a person becomes pregnant the sole responsibility lies on their shoulder. Neither the partner is supportive nor the family. Often during post pregnancy a person is pressurized to quit their job. The partner also blames them now and then for petty things like not getting the breakfast ready on time or not packing their lunch and keeping their files ready or not being active enough to do the chores by family. There are complaints of extra marital affairs by the partner while their other half is pregnant. These all have a huge effect on the parent and if their stability gets affected it’s quite obvious that it will lead to the birth of a baby who is unhealthy. Also parents have to remain extra cautious while consuming any medicines or fruits or veggies keeping the child’s health in mind. During such times if the partner isn’t supportive enough and the family isn’t helpful enough it becomes a roller coaster ride for the individual leading to drastic complications in pregnancy.

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Keeping in the general view of this article what it says is that whenever you find that your soulmate or your other half or better half is pregnant try to make this pregnancy easier for them. Try to be more cautious about every little thing that concerns them. Families can also help to reduce the parents stress by not putting pressure on them by imposing their want of a male child on parents. Also, rather than burdening the pregnant individual with every task, try to distribute the work amongst yourselves and make them relax and rest. Working during pregnancy is healthy but being burdened with over work is not. Try to treat with love and care and in this way a pregnancy would be a cakewalk and happening moment for the partners as well as the family rather than a nightmare.


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