The Intricacy of Intimacy: Most Pleasurable (Heterosexual) Sex Positions to Try

The Kamasutra, the ultimate book on sexuality stipulates that “Sexual activity is the pursuit of infinite variety”. Trying different sex positions in a sexual relationship adds variety and flavour in the otherwise mundane relationships, ramps up one’s arousal besides allowing oneself to experience pleasure in diverse ways and boosting sexual intimacy for healthier sexual experiences. Novelty and newness (apart from the covid-19 variants!) in sexual techniques and positions can thus be the key to a more pleasurable, stimulating and happier sexual experience that will leave you coveting for more. Without further ado, let’s slush open this hushed topic and explore some of the most pleasurable sex positions that can tinge up your experiences for the better!

Pretzel dip: Women’s Health Magazine

Where the newness is!

  1. 69:- As intriguing as this positions sounds, this position patterned like the figure 69 can be one of the best sex positions to try for dual pleasure such that one partner lies down on her back while the other climbs on top away from her upper body such that one’s genitals are in line with the partner’s mouth. This can also be applied in a side by side position. Besides, mouth-to-genitals being the main highlight for stimulation,  going handsy or the simultaneous use of a sex toy can also make it more enjoyable, prioritising mutual comfort and preferences.
  2. Scoop me up: Popularly known as “spooning”, in this position, both the partners lie on their sides facing the same direction, when the female partner brings her knees up while the male partner approaches her from behind, sliding his pelvis up. Placing the partner’s hands on the shoulders can deepen the thrust and increase its intensity. This position increases stimulations, allows for greater skin-to-skin contact and greater intimacy.
  3. Pretzel Dip: Under this, the male partner kneels and straddles one’s right leg as the female partner lies on her right side and curls her left leg on the left side of the partner such that he can grind himself against her clit even in sexual encounters without penetration. This position can allow deeper penetration than the normal doggy style while maintaining eye contact.
Magic Mountain: Women’s Health Magazine

Let’s face-off now!

  1. Cowgirl: Under this, the male partner lies on her back while the woman faces him, kneeling on him and straddling his penis, allowing her to guide his penis into her vagina and take greater control in penetration. Multiple forms of stimulation like engaging with nipples or visual stimuli for men can also help in greater arousal. Newer sensations can be experimented with by widening her knees and delaying the climax.
  2. Magic Mountain: Under this, both the partners lean back on their hands and forearms with their legs bent, gradually inching forward till penetration is achieved. Eye contact increases intimacy and stimulation can be boosted by grinding the clitoris against his pelvis.
  3. Missionary: Being possibly the most popular sex position, in this, the female partner lies back with legs spread and slightly bent knees while the male partner lies on tp, thrusting his penis into her vagina as he supports his body-weight with his arms or elbows. It can sometimes stimulate the clitoris in this position besides offering greater intimacy through eye-to-eye contact. Though it always does not allow greatest stimulation of G-spots, it remains the most used sex position.

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After swooning and flustering one’s mind over the myriad positions of pleasure that are awaiting you, you might be wondering about the better of the best? Which position is the ultimate personification of pleasure, intimacy, affection? How does a couple find its way to that epitome of bliss and contentment? Well, you know, love is a tricky path to trudge and so is what pleasure you seek from it such that there’s no ideal, no impeccable models or irrevocable truths! What lies therefore are attempts to unravel it in pieces much like the novelty of positions in sexual intimacy, which can allow oneself to explore newer and better avenues for contentment. Every individual has different tastes, preferences and comfort zones…but the key lies in reinforcing the trust in each other to walk that extra mile and find what suits you the best! For what is life, after all, without a little variety and newness? Take a chance, strike a match!


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