Sex Toys for Dummies

Any object or device that is primarily designed to serve as an aid to human sexual pleasure and orgasms is called a Sex Toy. While there exists a booming industry for sex toys today, there was a time when people had to resort to using things like vibrating toothbrushes, hairbrush handles, and socks. Now, this effect can be achieved in a safer and cleaner way.

The most generic and widely available sex toys are created to imitate human genitals, with the added theatrics of vibrations. A dildo usually embodies a phallic image, made to resemble a penis, and is used for the sexual stimulation of the vagina or the anus. They can also be modified to suit the requirements of the users, by being C-shaped, to reach the G-spot in women or by being S-shaped, to reach the prostate in men. Double penetration dildos and strap-on dildos aim towards the same.

Anal toys, like anal beads and butt plugs, are designed for anal insertion, and their essence is that of a shorter dildo. They tend to have flared bases or strings, to ensure that the toys don’t get lost when the muscles contract. Stretching and lubrication are very important predecessors to them.

Vibrators are devices that use vibrations with the intention of stimulating the body. They can be used both, internally and externally. While the image that is usually conjured in our minds when we hear the word vibrator is traditionally phallic, anal vibrators, bullet vibrators, and G-spot vibrators have also become increasingly common.

Nipple toys, like nipple clamps that resemble clothespin and apply pressure on the nipples, or suction devices are also used.

Penile toys, including imitation-vaginas like Fleshlights, and cock-rings, can assist in male masturbation.

Sex toys also include the less-vanilla BDSM apparatus and sex furniture.

It has become relatively common to find sex toys being sold at not only proper sex shops but also pharmacies, pornographic DVD stores, and even departmental stores when the toys can be easily disguised.

In India, however, to put it simply, sex toys are illegal. Paraphrasing Section 292 in The Indian Penal Code, they are considered obscene and corruptive, amongst other things like books, pamphlets, drawings and writings of similar interest. While the legalities exist, these toys can still be found on websites, catering especially to Indian buyers.

Logically, the only qualms one should have about themselves, and with regards to other people, is comfort, safety, and health. It is important to choose the right toys to suit your interests, and to safeguard your health and wellness. It is also essential to incorporate any aids, like condoms and lubricants. Look out for any cuts and tears and don’t share your toys with other people. Take charge of your own orgasms and stay hydrated.


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