Sex During Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

By – Saumya Khatri

For a topic as unexplored as sex, it is quite common to have innumerable questions and doubts regarding it. The picture becomes even more complex when another unexplored and highly myth ridden topic of pregnancy combines itself with sex. Advice from family and friends or even the internet refuses to answer and clear the picture substantially. It is quite common among partners to fall for wrong advice and jeopardise the health of the fetus, mother or the sexual relationship shared between them.


Myths around pregnancy, sex or sex during pregnancy are not new phenomenons but have been quite prevalent in a superstitious society as ours. They have been deposited layer after layer mixing misconceptions, fear and stereotypes. Sometimes they are outright ridiculous, easier to discard while other times they are quite convincing, compelling even a suspicious mind to fall for it.

They have been successfully produced and reproduced in our society due to the simple fact of us being all hush hush about sexual relationships and everything around it. Pregnancy itself is highly weighed by misconceptions, myths and stereotypes. There is still a certain confidentiality when it comes to dealing with pregnancies in an open tone.

It is quite common for a couple to have their doubts and apprehensions regarding sexual intercourse when there is a fetus at its crucial developmental stage inside the woman’s womb. With a certain level of openness, however small, it is upon us to deal with the situation rationally and not entertain age old misconceptions based on unscientific ideas and prejudices. It is upon us to ask questions to the right people and act accordingly, which in this case happens to be your personal gynecologist.

The list of few common myths around sex during pregnancy goes like this: it is going to hurt the baby, it is going to physically damage the fetus, sex during pregnancy is going to hurt unusually, different sex position can influence the physical or mental development of the fetus, etc.

There is not a single universal answer present to the questions around sex during pregnancy. Neither one can conclude that it is entirely fine to enjoy normal sexual intercourse during the gestation period nor that one should completely refrain from doing it. It is as circumstantial as any other question around pregnancy. It is usual to want to indulge in sexual activities but one must keep special attention towards the foetus, the stage and positioning of the foetus inside the womb and the positions in which the partners will be experiencing the intercourse in, for much physical exertion on the womb and the entire body can result in pain.

One must clearly bear in mind that sexual intercourse if done carefully, after consulting with your gynecologist poses no harm to the foetus. The foetus is well protected inside the amniotic sac and the cervix tends to shut itself if any physical object tries to reach the foetus.

Another myth which is widely prevalent is the effect of sexual intercource on the physical development of the foetus. There is no possibly proven way in which intercourse can determine the gender, size, complexion or any other characteristic of the baby.

It is also believed that sex hurts exceptionally during pregnancy which might be true in many cases and one might also experience mild bleeding after sex which is totally fine. It happens due to the increased sensitivity of the cervix. However, if the bleeding continues for a long duration it is advisable to consult your doctor. Nonetheless, the intercourse during pregnancy are proven to be more enjoyable for female partners due to increased nervous sensations around the cervix area.

Sex postions in the same way do not determine any characteristic of the baby. One must be cognizant about their comfort and physical positioning as the womb or female body can’t bear much pressure during pregnancy for the position is not going to affect the baby but the womb.

The most important thing about sexual intercourse during pregnancy remains an open conversation about everything between partners and the gynecologist.

It is important to do away with misconception and myths around sex during pregnancy but more important is to pay attention to your sexual relationship, partner’s physical and mental well being and adjust accordingly for pregnancy can be a pleasurable yet a testing time. The role that your gynecologist plays in the process of bringing the baby into this world should not be restricted to the foetus and mother. You should be able to consult or converse with other questions regarding pregnancy and sexual intercourse for both are not mutually exclusive.

You should also keep in mind the birthing procedure you are opting for, since most of the discussions are specific to natural or cesarean delivery done by professional doctors.

It is important to eradicate myths, lies and stereotypes around sex during pregnancy but it is more importat to do that in the right way.


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