Sex Drive During Menstrual Cycle

Sex is important for the continuation of progeny. Though considered important but has been subjected to taboos when it comes to the sex drive during menstruating days. How far is the sex drive justified when it comes during your menstruation? Is it at all ok to have a feeling of being engaged in sex or is it not?

Menstruation is a very important aspect as well as a part of a woman’s life. Its occurrence causes irritation to many but lack of it is a Troublesome issue. Menstruation is basically vaginal bleeding that occurs in a month. 

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Reasons To Why Women Are So Much Into Sex During Periods And It's Pros.

Having sex drive during menstrual cycle or having the urge to sex is normal. This is also the point where you start feeling more attracted towards your partner.  The desire to have sex occurs during your menstruating cycle is because the estrogen and testosterone are high giving a rise in libido.

While there are no concrete reasons as to why there is an urge of having sex during menstruation, but the researchers claim that an increase feel to have sex is because of hormonal fluctuations. Regular sex helps in comforting the mestrual discomfort, and also helps in relaxing cramps and headaches.

It also makes the periods shorter. Muscular contraction during orgasm, pushed out the uterine content faster. Thereby, ending your periods on a shorter notice. Many women have stated that having sex during menstruation also relaxes their headaches.

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Oops! Important Precautions You Should Take While Having Sex During Periods:

Till now we see no negativity in having sex during menstruation or menstrual cycle. But there are side effects to it. So the biggest problem during sex is that your period creates a mess. The bed sheet can be stained with blood, the period blood can be over your partner if you are bleeding heavily, moreover the messy situation will make you feel self conscious. Your anxiety over messing up the situation can drain out the pleasure of having sex.

Also, the risk of STI has an increased chance of occurring if you have sex, as the period blood contain a lot of viruses and that virus has a chance being transmitted to your blood. Using a condom at that point, reduces the risk of STI.

Also, if you are having sex with your tampon it’s better to remove before having sex. If you have it with a tampon there are chances that it will push up so far into your vagina, that you will need a doctor to remove it.

Also the chance of getting pregnant during pregnancy is not so high, but if you are not up for conceiving then you must use a contraceptive irrespective of your menstrual cycle odds. Though the chances are not so high, the chances of being pregnant is obvious. Also if you have a shorter menstrual cycle your chance of being pregnant is high. Also you can make your partner wear a latex condom, which will reduce the chance of conceiving and STI, but if your partner has an allergy to latex then use another contraceptive method.

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Lastly, what I want to convey is that there’s nothing wrong in doing things until and unless you know the pros and cons of having it. In situation of  sex drive during menstrual cycle it is very important to know and track your sex drive and desires in order to know your body properly. Only if you know about your body and its functioning , you will able to develop a better understanding of sexual relationship with your partner.

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