Safe Sex: A Comprehensive Webinar

By Eshna Sharma

‘Making Sex Safer’ conducted by the eminent gynaecologist Dr. Seema Sharma was an extremely comprehensive and interactive webinar that focused not only on the basics of safe sex such as practicing the usage of condoms, but dove deeper underneath the surface to talk about the various intricacies involved in making sex a safe, wonderful and enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Dr. Sharma commenced the session by discussing contraception and the need for it in general before going on to educate participants on an unfamiliar aspect of safe sex- Fertility Assessment Methods (FAM), essentially discussing various methods by which women can estimate the most and the least viable times in their cycle to engage in intercourse. In addition, she discussed in detail the various kinds of hormonal birth control options available in the market like Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) and birth control pills and elaborated pros and cons of each, as well as the more well known barrier methods such as condoms and female diaphragms.

Dr. Sharma also went into great detail to talk about the correct usage of one of the most popular methods of contraception- condoms. She discussed the correct way of wearing condoms and the precautions to be taken whilst using them.

One novel and important aspect of birth control that Dr. Sharma shed light on were the efficacy rates of each method of contraception. This was particularly helpful information as attendees were able to gauge how viable using each kind of birth control would be.


The final half hour of the session was reserved for questions, and the participants were bubbling with many! Dr. Sharma ended the session on a high note and answered all questions with great sensitivity and acuity, making it an enlightening and fruitful session for all attendees.


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