Roses to Red Flags: Viv and Beau's Love Bombing in Sex Education S4

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Abuse, Manipulation, Control, and Relationship Trauma. 

Love Bombing, a term gaining prominence, describes a manipulative tactic seen especially in romantic relationships. It’s a behaviour that anyone, regardless of their background, can exhibit. It involves overwhelming someone with affection, attention, and gifts to win trust and affection. Though enticing, it’s a warning sign of potential abuse. Here’s how to look out for the signs through Viv and Beau’s relationship from Sex Education.

Unmasking Love bombing tactics.

  • Initial Intensity: Lovebombing often starts with an intense and rapid surge of affection, similar to what happened between Beau and Viv in the latest season of Sex Education. They first met in a maths class when Viv’s tablet malfunctioned, and Beau kindly offered to take notes for her. This swift connection eventually led them to become partners within just a few weeks. This initial outpouring of affection can be simultaneously flattering and disorienting.
  • Constant Communication: Lovebombers are known for their excessive communication, much like how Beau bombarded Viv with messages. They might send countless texts, make frequent phone calls, and engage in relentless social media interactions to make the target feel like they are the centre of their world.
  • Grand Gestures: Beau in the series showered Viv with extravagant gestures, such as their first (study) date that ended with an over-the-top first kiss or their second date ending with a proclamation of love, to create a sense of obligation. These grand gestures are hallmarks of love bombing.
  • Idealisation: Lovebombers tend to idealise their targets, placing them on a pedestal and convincing them that they are the most amazing person they’ve ever met. This idealisation can be incredibly alluring but is often unrealistic.

The Dark Side of Love Bombing

While Viv and Beau’s story arc in the latest season of Sex Education showcased the art of love bombing, it also illustrated the potential consequences of such behavior:

  • Manipulation: Beau’s initial charm in the context of Love Bombing transformed into a controlling and abusive demeanour, evident in his jealousy over Viv’s friendship with Jackson. This manifested in possessive actions, like storming out of a cinema date and invading Viv’s privacy by snooping through her bag.
  • Emotional Rollercoaster: The intensity of the love bombing created an emotional rollercoaster for Viv, inducing confusion, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. As she grew accustomed to lavish affection, Viv felt pressured not to disappoint Beau, experiencing heightened insecurity and guilt—a common tactic employed by Love Bombers to make their targets feel uneasy if they cannot reciprocate the same intensity.
  • Abuse and Control: In some cases, Love Bombing can be a precursor to more severe forms of abuse and control, as illustrated by Beau’s aggressive and controlling behaviour. During an incident where he saw Viv talking to another student before an exam, Beau questioned her and forcefully held onto her wrists, warning her not to lie to him.

Protecting Yourself from Love Bombing

Recognizing the signs of love bombing, as illustrated in Viv and Beau’s relationship, is the first step to protecting yourself from its potential harm:

  • Observe Consistency: Stay vigilant about your partner’s consistency and affection. True love takes time to develop and relies on genuine connection, not just superficial gestures. In some cases, the perfect facade may crumble, revealing their true intentions. Morning messages transform into late-night anger, and you realise that their gifts and attention came with strings attached—demanding your unwavering attention, loyalty, and even your physical presence in return.
  • Slow Down: Take your time to get to know someone and allow a healthy progression of the relationship, just as Viv should have done. Be wary of anyone who pushes for rapid commitments or declarations of love.
  • Set Boundaries: Establish and maintain your personal boundaries, as Viv eventually did when she confronted Beau.
  • Seek Support: Share your feelings and concerns with trusted friends and family members, as Viv did. They can provide valuable insights and perspectives on your relationship.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something doesn’t feel right or you sense manipulation, trust your instincts and consider seeking professional advice or counselling.


Viv and Beau’s cautionary tale in the latest season of Sex Education prompts us to stay vigilant about love bombing, recognizing early signs and taking proactive steps. This narrative underscores the importance of creating and maintaining healthy, balanced relationships, emphasising the need to savour and build meaningful bonds over time while setting boundaries to protect oneself from manipulative behaviour.


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