A Global Perspective: Rights or Religion?

There are many womxn that make awful decisions because others want them to, and they aren’t strong enough to do what is right for them. Yes, we are talking about abortion today. This article isn’t going to tell you about some laws in certain countries. Instead, this is a discourse of what womxn themselves think about abortion rights. The voice of womxn must be heard and taken into consideration. At the end of the day, abortion (or no abortion) takes a toll on them. 


“According to me, there is no reason as to why womxn shouldn’t be making decisions on their sexual and reproductive life. It is important that we stop claiming that controlling womxn’s bodies is a part of a religion. Men don’t have a body that is controlled by others. So why should womxn? Accepting womxn can do what they want is proof that society is showing respect towards them”, says 30-year-old Mélissa from France.

“I think abortion is a human right (pregnancy isn’t just a woman-thing), and so it must be legalized. As an individual who can get pregnant, it is about my body, so in this case, only I can make decisions about my body. In addition, abortion is about biology – it is hence related to science – not religion or belief. This right is valid in all situations, especially in those cases that include health risks for the embryo and its mother”, says Ilayda, a University student from Turkey.


How can the ‘Dream’ survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate”, said Martin Luther King Jr. Let’s now see what womxn themselves have got to say against abortion.

“There’s a vast difference between ‘being human’ and a ‘human being.’ At this point, it is not about rights over the human body but rather over making them legal. Abortion is something I will live to condemn people for carrying out. Pregnancy is not an outcome of the actions of the fetus. Why would you like to get rid of an innocent soul likely to bring energy and hope to many? Abortion is not only inhuman but also a very selfish decision taken. On that note, I stand for religion over rights. We are meant to learn from mishaps and take calculative steps to solve matters. In case of unwanted pregnancy, society should look for ways to make the womxn realize the unerasable loss and encourage them to explore the optimism in the seemingly unwanted pregnancy.” says Meda, a student from Uganda.

“Abortion isn’t about religion, but life. In cases other than rape, the partners should plan about when they want to make a baby. Even if there is an unwanted pregnancy, the couple should not commit another mistake by killing an embryo. And for rape survivors, it is upon the victim and their family to take the decision. One big issue in any country is that when legislation is passed, it is actually misused in such a way that it benefits those that it isn’t made for. So the ground reality is that the law is not really applied to rape victims but to those who take advantage of it. So, I’d say abortion rights must be given only to victims of sexual abuse”, says Sindhu, a 27-year-old from India.

“As a Christian and follower of Jesus, I base all my opinion on what the Bible says. I think abortion should not be legalized or even be an option. This is because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and who even gives us the right to kill someone? I know that I won’t get an abortion no matter the circumstances”, says Prachi, a University student from Venezuela.


“I have mixed opinions on abortion though I am a bit inclined towards the negative aspect, especially because there are measures most couples can take to avoid pregnancies. Ignorance and recklessness before or during sexual contact cannot be the sole grounds for an abortion. It should, however, be supported in cases wherein there is a threat to the lives of either (or both) the mother and the baby. Abortion is legal in some countries on the note that one has complete rights over one’s bodies. However, a bit of consciousness would have avoided the unwanted pregnancy in most cases”, says Niharika, from India.

“According to me, abortion is not about religion but is a personal choice. If there is a medical complication during pregnancy and abortion can save lives, we should definitely go for it. If not, the couple must be sensitive and see if they can give the child for adoption.”, says Jaweria from Pakistan.

Women's Choice


Whenever something is declared illegal, the activity doesn’t go extinct – it just is done clandestinely. Now, in my opinion, abortion must be made legal, and there should be stringent mechanisms in place to assess if someone really needs to undergo an abortion. In the case of rape victims (including marital rape), there should be speedy abortion to ensure the mother’s life isn’t at stake for some mistake that they never committed. As for unplanned pregnancies, abortions could be made legal until, say, 10-15 weeks into pregnancy to not pressurize couples into parenting while they aren’t ready. Also, on the other hand, womxn must take into consideration the impact that abortion could have on their health in the long-run and then decide upon whether or not to proceed with an abortion.

In conclusion, as Bernie Sanders quotes, “We are not going back. We are not returning to the days of back-room abortions, where countless women died or were maimed. The decision about abortion must remain a decision for the woman, her family, and a physician to make, not the government.”


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