Have You Tried Every Period Product On This List?

The necessity to have healthy periods spawned products that are household items today. But with a little comfort comes the desire for more and conveyor belts dropped alternatives one after another to suit every woman’s subjective needs. Everyone’s priority is different, whether it can be comfort, affordability, ease of use, or environmental impact. This article lists every period product available for one to use. Let’s see what’s your period weapon of choice.

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Sanitary Pads

Almost every menstruation ‘orientation’ starts with the humble pad. This is where it starts for us when we are riddled with questions like Why me? Is it possible that it might come out blue? Am I going to bleed to death? Where are all the punches to my abdomen coming from? Through all this, we have a white absorbent towel with its many layers wrapped in more plastic with us. to guide our puberty through thick and thin (M-XXXL, depending on the flow).

Love – That it is the easiest to use.

Hate – It is not truly eco-friendly and can cause a rash.

Tolerate – Doesn’t come cheap.

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Tampons are like NRI cousins of the period pad. Even though they have gained popularity through their appearance in popular culture for our country. There are many people that do use a tampon as it is inserted into the vagina where it absorbs the blood and clot thus increasing the range of activities that might be restricted with the pad including swimming. It comes with an applicator for ease of insertion and a thread on the end that dangles outside for its removal. It should be changed every 6-8 hours.

Love – It may let one forget about their periods.

Hate – It may let one forget about their periods leading to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Tolerate – It is not available everywhere in India.


Menstrual Cups

This little cup of happiness is in vogue for the right reasons- extremely sustainable. They are made of medical-grade silicone, latex, or a thermoplastic isomer which makes this bell-shaped device flexible. It can be inserted into the vagina with the help of lube and folded into half, once it is a little below the cervix it will pop open creating an airtight seal. It can be worn for 6-12 hours depending on the flow.

Love – It is eco-friendly.

Hate – Non-familiarity with the product can lead to hesitation.

Tolerate – Application can be a bit tricky the first time.

Menstrual cup

Period Panties

These are like regular underwear, but only leak-proof by having multiple layers in the crotch area to absorb blood to help you on your lighter-flow days and to work as a back-up during your heavier-flow days. They can be used in place of disposable products and this is called ‘free bleeding’. Moreover, this sustainable period product can be worn, washed, and re-worn.

Love – It is sustainable and cost-effective.

Hate – It has been reported to be less absorbent than a traditional tampon or pad

Tolerate – One might need to frequently do laundry to have dry panties on them all the time.

Period panty

Reusable Cloth Pads

It is a reusable cloth pad much similar to the disposable one in design. While it is sustainable, pocket-friendly, and free of toxic chemicals; there is a catch to using them with caution otherwise they might be bad for your hygiene. This period product is an ode to the traditional ‘kapda’ that is still used by many although not hygienically all the time.

Love – It is sustainable and cost-effective.

Hate – It can flip once it gets heavy with blood.

Tolerate – It requires thorough washing, drying, and cleaning.

Reusable cloth

Cramp Relief Roll-On

his period product is a little stick roll-on, useful for managing menstrual cramps that might be intolerable for few people. These are often termed as ‘natural’ ways of pain relief as they have an herbal solution that might contain menthol extract or eucalyptus essential oil that can ease the cramps a little bit.

Love – It is highly portable.

Hate – Might not work at all for some people

Tolerate – It is an added expense on top of already expensive period products.

cramp roll-on

Period Chocolate

What’s different from normal chocolate is that it should at least contain 60-65% of cacao, any chocolate with this or more amount of cacao can be period chocolate. Cacao rich chocolate contains magnesium which can ease the spasm in muscles and help with cramps. In addition to that, this period product boosts mood, fights tiredness, and helps with cravings.

Love – It is going to be a long list.

Hate – That one might not get enough of it.

Tolerate – The fact that you might have to share it with your siblings.


Netflix and its likes

Lastly, with ‘Aunt Flo’ come mood swings and an OTT platform can help create a distraction. Apart from that one needs a little rest to provide energy for the uterus to do a little self-cleansing and feel-good sitcoms/movies might come a little handy with your chocolates by your side.

Love – Good content might ease the mood swings.

Hate – Good content might aggravate the mood swings.

Tolerate – It might come with a price if one doesn’t have many friends.

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Graphic design: Avni Gupta


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