Pacifying Sexual Origins

You need not pacify sex,

Because sex shall pacify you,

You need not ramify the pride of your sex,

Because sex shall ramify the humble goodwill in you…

It has not been very long since we have been born out of a vagina. If you are living and reading this article, a hypothetical extremity of 100 years would be correct. Right? Mother earth has been here for 4.6 billion years and still, she is revolving around her solar origin since times immemorial. So, if not every day, let us all take some time to ponder the nature of our origins and their role in the inheritance of very specific behavioral traits.

Illustration: History today


Let us try to trace our origin from a relatively distant psychological concept. The reason for the preference for this approach is that the substantiality of any theme is derived from the spirituality of the theme. Many of us would have heard about the concept of the Oedipus and the Electra complex. As of now, the basic understanding of these theories arises from the attraction for the opposite sex. In simple words, a girl finds her father sexually more attractive and hence tries to copy his mannerism (Electra complex). Vice-versa is true for boys finding their mothers sexually more attractive (Oedipus complex).

Herein, Freud was criticized for giving interaction between infants and parents a sexual basis. However, we need to analyze the meaning of the term “sex” before jumping to a truly radical conclusion. We become conscious of thinking about the link between the process of intercourse and the behavior of offspring. If such is the anomaly, why not link the post-intercourse processes and the outcomes of intercourse with the behavior of infants? 

What encompasses the term ‘Sex’?

As you imagine the pain a mother bears while giving birth, a young boy can find some enthusiasm in inculcating her extraordinary abilities of endurance and planned execution of actions. This is also an aspect of sexual attraction that we fail to think about. The boy could be attracted to spirituality rather than the substantiality of the opposite sex’s sexuality. We need to remember, being a biological term, the word “sex” needs to encompass both stimulated consciousness and situational conscience. We use condoms not only because we are afraid of the financial repercussions of having an unplanned conception. The capsule of protection around sexual drives is both a moral and scientific precaution. Scientifically, it aims to protect a woman from the conscious pain of abortion because of complicated medical procedures. Morally, it aims to protect a woman from the subconscious pain of abortion because deep within the heart of that uterus owner, a mother laments the loss of life (Exceptions include pregnancies forcefully induced via rape and social stigmas of patriarchy where M for morality lies in M for Medical Termination of Pregnancy wherein all those “pseudo-Pro-life” supporters need to sharpen their comprehension of life).

Modern Preferences

Nowadays, the spotlight is occupied by theories like the “Medea complex” and the “Iphigenia complex” where the relationship of the child with a same-sex parent is emphasized. This is indeed an emphasis on the dominance of “sexual similitude” over “sexual attraction”. In simple words, children find it easier to copy the same sex than to learn from the opposite sex. This is a gradient along which new normals of psychosexual behavior are shifting wherein boys inculcate the aggressive nature of testosterone and girls inherit the accepting nature of estrogen. Our vision is seeing the narrow pointed canopy of coniferous forests. What we fail to see is the broader base.

Some canopies are moral and others are material. But the broad base supported by its roots constitutes the immaculate nature of sexuality. It is never virginity that translates to the purity of sexuality. It is rather a healthy interpretation of intercourse that translates to the purity of sexuality. The world becomes amenable only when your acceptance and sense of gratitude are dependable. And one can accept the world only when one accepts one’s own sexual origins wholeheartedly. The next time you take it for granted when people enjoy lame jokes on sex based on baseless stereotypes, remember that we all are here only because our parents had sex taking into account the beauty of the results and not just the pleasure of the process. This is the sense of honor that can rob the strength of all stereotypes and taboos pertaining to sex.

Realizing the tolerance of testis and endurance as well as the patience of the vagina is the sole requisite for realizing the hybrid vigor of one’s own sexuality. Hybrid vigour is basically an expression of the superiority of the succeeding generations as a result of the crossing over of characteristics of both parents and it happens to be the most precious gift of sexual reproduction. Therefore, all clouds of mysticism and wilderness shall fade away, once we realize the purity of our sexual origin that pacifies the consciousness of the self.

Now think about all the genders of GenZ. It has been a very common character in all generations, that there is this urge of experiencing substantial pleasures of sexuality before the onset of puberty and then there is a permanent stretch mark of guilt imprinted on the heart of an unaware yet innocent mind. What to do?

You Can!

Periods proximal to the onset of puberty are meant to grasp the spirituality of sexual origins so that when puberty finally arrives, you do not deserve someone as a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a sexual partner for the future. So that you visualize all genders arising sexually with healthy behavior, ready to teach you something easy or difficult on the beautiful path of life initially decorated with dependable companions, gradually budding into mates who are a source of sexual spirituality and eventually yet selectively metamorphosing into partners who are a source of sexual pleasure. However, if the sequences go wrong, be sure in the end, purity of genuine intentions will get it all on the path to the right outcome for you and only you.

With love,

From a sense of true honor for your sexuality.

Written by: Ayush Amlan

Cover Illustration by: History Extra


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  1. God bless you my child.
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  2. Hi Bhaiya, It was so eye-opening. You really have a completely different view on “Sexuality and Sex” as we know is a Taboo Topic. I hope this article would enlighten many of us.
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