You may have heard of Gender Dysphoria, but what is it exactly? 

Described by NHS, as “a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity”, it is a medically documented emotion noted to be prevalent in Transgender and Non-Binary individuals, especially in those who have not had gender-affirming

surgeries. Navigating physical intimacy with a partner while simultaneously dealing with dysphoria can be hard, but here are a few tips from experts to enable open conversation and keep the desire going!

A Little Self-Love

What better way to explore your preferences than listening to your own body? Touching yourself and figuring out what feels good can help you get in tune with yourself and understand your likes and dislikes.

Clear Communication Cums Handy

Open and honest communication with your sex partner can help you feel in control, and also improve your relationship. Be sure to discuss where you don’t like being touched, and what terms you prefer to be used during dirty talk in bed. You can also decide on safe words to prevent any distressing situations in the heat of the moment.

Get Experimental

Traditional sex would be to strip naked and immediately get down to business, however, it doesn’t have to be that way! Some people with breast dysphoria prefer to wear “chest binders” during sex, and some also suggest “strap-on penises”.

If using accessories or wearing certain clothing helps you feel empowered and sexy, go for it! In fact, “outercourse” – involving handjobs, sex toys, and more – can be an alternative way to orgasm that doesn’t directly involve your genitals. 

Seek out Resources

Here at PratiSandhi we have an excellent library for sex-ed ( that can help you find the answers to questions you’ve had. Browse through safe online communities like r/AskTransgender to get opinions and advice from people with past experiences. Read up on books written by Trans authors, and blogs by Trans people documenting their journeys. Nothing helps like being seen and understood!


Navigating human experiences takes time. Be kind to yourself and take it slow, remembering to give yourself space to reflect on your emotions. Confide in your trusted ones when things get too overwhelming, and have safe spaces you can reach out to. Everyone’s cheering for you!


In conclusion, dealing with Gender Dysphoria is a tough path, but you deserve to feel comfortable in experiencing pleasure like anyone else. Navigating sexual intimacy is a cumbersome journey, but once you figure out things that work for you, there’s no looking back!


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