Intimacy in Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish

What comes to your mind when you hear the word intimate or intimacy? Do you see two people sitting extremely close in proximity? Do you see romantic partners? There are chances that you can visualise a couple in your head. Intimacy is a broad spectrum that lies beyond the boundary of romance. In this article we will explore the idea of intimacy via the film Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane ki Baarish directed by Deepti Naval.

Understanding Intimacy 

Intimacy is a multifaceted concept but most of us fail to understand that. Our understanding of intimacy is influenced by popular media. Popular media tends to associate the concept of intimacy with romantic partners but what we need to address is that its scope extends far beyond that realm. While it is commonly linked to physical closeness and emotional connection between partners, intimacy encompasses a broader spectrum of interactions and connections


Juhi and Debu are not the conventional protagonists that you expect to see in Bollywood movies, but this might lead us to question the definition of conventional, I might write about it some other day.

One is a sex worker who is struggling to make ends meet and another is a broke lyricist who is coming to terms with his heartbreak. Both of them are looked down upon by society for who they are but despite that, they find acceptance in each other. The world has been harsh to them but that doesn’t leave them cold-hearted, rather it makes them empathetic. 

The movie captures the complexity of human relationships so well, that it makes you ponder the notions of love, relationship and family that society presents to you and how deeply it is rooted in our minds. The concept of intimacy has been bestowed on romantic partners but this movie challenges that without being too preachy.

Juhi and Debu find family in each other but it defies the conventional norms of a family. They are not tied by blood relations nor they are bound by the law but what they share is very intimate. We look at intimacy as a closed circle but this movie portrays the concept of intimacy as something very fluid in nature. The movie bestows the attributes of water on intimacy as water takes the shape of the vessel it’s poured in. Juhi and Debu meet each other coincidentally but they find acceptance in each other. Their intimacy takes a shape that has no name, it doesn’t need a name.  They were not romantic partners but they found a safe space. The idea of physical intimacy comes to Juhi’s mind, she tries to explore that sphere with Debu but that leaves Debu completely devastated. No one was at fault in that situation. Juhi tries to take the conventional path but the outcome doesn’t match her expectations.

What is true intimacy?

True intimacy involves vulnerability, trust and understanding. What Juhi and Debu shared is a perfect example of true intimacy.  Unfortunately, we tend to idolise and glorify only one form of love and overlook the others. Why don’t we appreciate platonic relationships? Because it lacks passion? No, it doesn’t. It’s filled with a plethora of emotions which one can’t even explain. The sheer joy of sitting with your close friend and humming old Bollywood songs together, you don’t think that’s beautiful and intimate, trust me, it is. 


Is Intimacy and Permanence synonymous?

There’s this one particular conversation about the illusion of permanence and I loved that.

Juhi says to Debu that change is the only constant that is how life is. Debu goes on to say then why do we chase permanence? Is there anything permanent or is the illusion of permanence that we all chase because it feels good? 

The act of intimacy is not synonymous with permanence but popular culture tends to push that notion. We feel these ideas are overlapping but they are not. Intimacy is synonymous with comfort.  There would be circumstances where physical intimacy and emotional intimacy might not exist in the same time and space. Some people might find comfort in physical intimacy and for some it might not be the end goal and that is completely fine. It is a reminder that how one experiences and cherishes intimacy is very subjective in nature.


Recognising diverse expressions of intimacy allows us to cultivate deeper connections with others, fostering a sense of belonging and fulfilment in all aspects of our lives. Whether with a romantic partner or a close friend, embracing intimacy in its many forms enriches the human experience


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