Do’s and Don'ts of Condom Disposal

When one comes across used condoms just lying around it is bound to make them almost shiver in disgust. After all, it is not something anyone wants to go near, especially if it is used. Do you ever wonder what happens when you drop off a condom in the toilet and it gets stuck? 

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What are condoms made of?

Condoms are one of the safest and foolproof methods of birth control. They prevent not only unwanted pregnancies but also STIs. Condoms are available irrespective of your and your partner(s)’s sex. Do you know what are the different materials in which condoms are available? 

Condoms are often also called “rubbers” because they are made of latex which is a type of rubber. Latex condoms are one of their most durable forms. However, a lot of people experience rashes and itching due to their latex allergy. This is when other types of condoms come in. 

Some external condoms (condoms for people with a penis) are made of polyurethane.  Some may even be made from lambskin which is a natural material! Internal condoms (condoms for vagina owners)  are made from a non-latex chemical called nitrile. But, clearly, none of these materials is biodegradable, meaning once you dispose of them, they don’t degrade or break down easily. However, the amount of waste they generate is almost negligible. Then you might wonder why do we need to dispose of a condom responsibly? But before that, we need to know HOW to dispose of a condom properly.

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How to dispose of a condom responsibly?

We need to STOP flushing condoms down the toilets. Not only can they clog up the plumbing, but some might even make it to a river or a lake thereby causing immense damage to aquatic life. The safest way to dispose of a condom is to tie it up like you tie up a balloon to avoid spilling the fluids inside. You must then wrap it up in a paper or tissue and then in a plastic bag. Remember do not just wrap it in paper as it can soak the paper if it leaks and cause a mess. Sometimes, moisture or water can dampen the paper and tear it. So wrapping it up in a plastic bag is extremely necessary. 


Then you can throw the wrapped condom away in a proper disposal bin. If there is none nearby, it is better to keep it with you and then throw it away when you find one. If you are using biodegradable condoms, even then you must not throw them away. Proper wrapping is required following which you can dispose of it.

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As much as we are responsible for using proper birth control, our responsibility doesn’t end there. Seeing it to the end is where our responsibility ends. If we just keep on throwing away used condoms wherever we deem fit, we are not doing our part in keeping the earth safe for others. It may be picked up by a child, who might get infected, or ingested by dogs, birds or cows who wander in search of it. Not only the fluids are a potential source of infection but also non-biodegradable plastic can choke them. Hence the possibilities are endless as to when and where you can use a condom, however you must use them responsibly and carefully.


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