Decoding Masturbation

Self-gratification, particularly that of a sexual nature, is an essential component of pleasure. Masturbation is an act of intimate stimulation of one’s body, for sexual arousal and sexual pleasure, usually resulting in an orgasm. It is a safe, healthy and natural way to release tension, explore your own body and can be enjoyed by any and every person who chooses to engage in it.

There is no single, correct way of masturbating. The diversity of our world and our people is reflected in what makes a person tick. The most common techniques include rubbing, massaging, licking, pinching, or imitating person genitals using fingers or toys. Masturbation has numerous proven health benefits, like reduction of stress, better sleep, improvement in your self-esteem and body image and, in general, is considered a fun activity that can help you pass time.

Historically and culturally, as intimate and personal as the act is, masturbation has been a topic of some intense religious and moral debates. It is a widely accepted notion across most mainstream religions and amongst many religious scholars that masturbation is a sinful act and any true worshipper would abstain themselves from ‘auto-eroticism’. Some questionable myths surrounding masturbation are that it can cause bad-eyesight or blindness, cancer, STDs, insanity, homosexuality, and infidelity.

Today, due to the advancement in Science, Research and increasing open-mindedness amongst the masses, these theories can be easily disproved. In an activity that has been established as natural and healthy, and is also encouraged on some occasions, the need to approve its morality does not exist. It is a personal choice that can be made by any informed individual. It doesn’t promote promiscuity, which is another personal choice, regardless. It doesn’t, naturally, modify the appearance or functioning of your genitals. The only way masturbation can actually make a dent in your productive daily lives is when you choose to masturbate instead of studying or working. Masturbation, in its rawest form, can’t be an antagonistic part of any logical debates.

While it is true that there are several stigmas associated with masturbation, most of the cultural and religious, there is absolutely nothing immoral about the desire to please your own self sexually. It is an acceptable act of self-love and self-expression. Ultimately, it is a voluntary decision that exists farther than the boundaries of any social constructs ever should, and it’s perfectly okay to jerk-off and she-bop.


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