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Self-esteem is the term that describes how a person feels about themselves. It shows how self-loved one is. Body shaming makes the person doubt and feel less grateful than they already are. These issues are things adults go through as well. It happens in offices/workplaces or even in the comforts of their own homes. The expectations they have, the health issues they face and cope with is not easy. They are always reminded of how they have to take care or look after their degenerating skin. Let’s look into that a little more.



What is the deal with "Anti-Aging"? :

Anti-aging creams and drugs are supposed to help them “stay young”. The creams plump the skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible. Some news sources say that Anti-aging creams, which promise to smooth away the fine lines of maturity, could lead to cancer. A 44 year old homemaker, when asked about her views on body image and her insecurities about the same said, “I feel weird when I get stared at, I feel everyone is judging me because of my weight. I have also got comments about how i should be eating healthy food and how i should carry myself, there also are comments about how normal it all has become. I know they are trying to make me feel normal, but that does not help me, I feel uncomfortable”. On that note, Let’s look at how this affects self esteem.

Ted Ideas

How is Anti ageing related to Self esteem issues?

Self-esteem is the most sensitive point for a person. If a person does not have a high self-esteem, it would make them feel like the most hated person ever. Mainstream media has a very significant role in it. The way they define “perfection” is and how even after 30s or 40s people are to look as young as they can be is quite harmful. It is not about healthy living, it becomes a part of an invisible competition. For instance, there are anti-aging creams for both men and women which say that people are not appreciated for their natural beauty.  They are encouraged to rejuvenate their skin and body and look perfect. We have seen some celebrities known for their glowing skin in their old age too. They are known for how they have maintained their skin and body, but they might not be taking natural supplements. Makeup and diet also is a huge factor of how they look, so having them as a competition is not healthy. Let’s look at how to keep up with these issues.


How to level up the body image and self-esteem issues in adults?

We have some ideas that might help you to feel healthier and happier and have a soul that does not have any kind of a burden:


  1. SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Contact people that have positive and healthy vibes more often and surround yourself with people who are supportive of you, who will always be there for you. Their age, gender does not matter, what matters is your happiness and healthy life. 
  1. PROMOTE FEELINGS FOR INDEPENDENCE: Anything might trigger the sense of dependency on another person. But for loving yourself and feeling important, you should give yourself a chance to be independent.
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It’s not a matter of age, body image and self-esteem has and will always be a part of our lives. Everyone deserves to live a life on their own terms. The pressured perfection might just not be right. There are no hard feelings on what a person wants to feel like or be like, but how they are forced to look and feel and how they are not captive of their own emotions.Body shaming is just not right, even if it was ‘supposedly’ funny. However, When we see people caring for us, we are grateful and hence start appreciating our own self.

Written by: Garima Arora
Edited by: Parnika


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